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Request for Ticket Waiver

This form must be completed in accordance with the guidelines described below.

  • Appeals that are not complete or are not filed correctly will not be granted.
  • Waiver requests filled out 30 days past the date of the citation do not stop collection processes.

Tickets will not be waived for the following reasons:

  • "I was late to class"
  • "I wasn't aware of the Owens parking policies/procedures"
  • "I've already received tickets for this same violation"
  • "I cannot afford to pay the fine"

When completing your appeal form, please be as thorough as possible. Students who are found to have been untruthful on the Parking Ticket Appeal Form may be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

Ticket Waiver Form (Citation Appeal)
 State        Zip  
 Phone #
 StatusCurrent student
Past student
 If non-student: what was purpose on campus? (i.e. vendor, visitor, patient etc.)
 OCID or SSN# OCID: or   SSN:
 Date Ticket Issued
 Ticket #
 Campus where ticket was issued Toledo         Findlay
 Vehicle Make
 License Plate Number
 Date appeal sent to Department of Public Safety
 Hang Tag # (if applicable)
 Is this vehicle owned by you? Yes         No
 If you are not the owner, please provide owner's name.
 Email Address (so we can let you know if your ticket has been voided)
 I am requesting a waiver of my parking ticket for the following reason(s):

Citations must be appealed within 30 days of the issue date. If this appeal is late you must also explain why you are appealing after this period of time.

The student is responsible for following the waiver process. Call the Parking office for results at (567) 661-7130. The parking office will make a good faith attempt to contact the requestor using the information submitted, (i.e. email, phone).

After 30 days a late fee of $30.00 will be added and at 60 days an additional $30.00 collection fee will be added. Unpaid citations will be forwarded to the Ohio State Attorney Gerneralís office for collection.

All fees incurred by Owens Community College in the collection of this citation will be charged to the vehicle owner. You are responsible to pay interest and fees as permitted under Ohio Law as established by the Ohio Attorney General in addition to all collection expenses incurred by Owens Community College in the collection of this debt or any part of it.

Once a student's account is certified to the Ohio Attorney General's office the student will no longer be eligible for approval of his/her waiver of a parking citation.

For accounts certified to the Ohio Attorney General the student should contact the Ohio Attorney General Collections Enforcement at 1-888-665-5440.

I agree to the terms and conditions above (required for waiver to be submitted)
Any missing information may delay or negate this appeal.


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