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Owens Community College offers numerous online certificates through its professional network. You can participate any time of day or evening.

The content (readings, audio lectures, slides) and self quizzes are accessible for the entire course, so you can work ahead, or go back and review again, at your convenience. The discussion for each Unit lasts one week. All comments are made in writing and can be made at any time of the day or night. Your instructor will log into the Discussion area at least once a day and answer questions, make comments, and respond to comments by you and the other participants. You will have access to online readings, be able to listen to the audio presentation for the Unit and view the slides, take a self-quiz, and engage in written online discussion with your instructor and other participants.

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NEW! Business Research Certificate

Business Research will provide the specific knowledge needed to succeed in researching and utilizing the best and most appropriate data for decision-making. Only available as a certificate.

Three part series $495

Introduction to Business Research - Part 1

Learn the skills needed to effectively communicate research results to specific audiences for maximum impact and effective decision-making. The course is broad-based and provides a strong foundation for meeting business research needs.


Business Statistics - Part 2

Numbers are vitally important. From budget projections to inventory tracking, business leaders rely on numbers to help them make sound business decisions. How can you make these numbers meaningful to you in your day-to-day planning and decision-making? Learn how to apply and interpret numbers for real-world business ideas.


Qualitative Business Research - Part 3

Words are powerful information sources for sound business decisions. As a business leader, you talk to others when you have a question or need to solve a business problem. Words provide a richness of information that numbers alone cannot. Learn how to use qualitative methods (information in words) to make the best possible business decisions.


Certificate in Data Analysis

Gain a basic understanding of how to analyze data in a business setting. Perform inquiries that will be useful to your business or organization and how to communicate these results.

Three one-month courses 9/2-11/28 $495

Introduction to Data Analysis

This course will give you a basic understanding of how to analyze data in a business setting. Understand how to analyze data collected.

One-month course 9/2/9/26 $195

Intermediate Data Analysis

Data Analysis course will introduce you to the statistics behind group differences and relationships. In addition, you'll learn how to work with ratings, graphs and user-friendly reports of statistical results.

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $195

Advanced Data Analysis

Learn to perform inquiries that will be useful to your business or organization, and have the skill necessary to communicate these results through graphs and text that your fellow employees will understand. Take the guesswork out of important company decisions and make decisions based on statistically significant information.

One-month course 11/3-11/28 $195

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Be able to identify the abilities required of successful entrepreneurs and how to acquire them, develop goals to help establish your business, develop an outline for your plan, and take home techniques to successfully manage and market your new business.

Three one-month courses 9/2-11/28 $495

Entrepreneur Boot Camp

Statistics show that most businesses fail within the first five years. This course provides insight into the characteristics, knowledge and skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Be able to identify the abilities required of successful entrepreneurs and how to acquire them, develop goals to help establish your business, develop an outline for your plan, and take home techniques to successfully manage your new business.

One-month course 9/2-9/26 $195

The Business Plan

Learn to write a business plan to secure capital or lessen the risks of business ownership by developing a planning process to evaluate the many aspects and potential hurdles of your businesses. In the online Business Plan course, you will discover the basics of the entrepreneurial planning process culminating in the development of an early-stage business plan. Develop a practical, hands-on approach to immerse yourself in the vision, research, and planning aspects of your new venture.

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $195

Entrepreneurial Marketing

This course offers you a step by step approach to attract and keep customers, all within a realistic budget. With an emphasis on customer-driven marketing decisions, you will learn how to build a strong brand, analyze which tactics to use, and implement your marketing plan. Whether you are starting a business or growing an existing one, you will take away practical marketing tips and tools that you can use to improve your marketing efforts.

One-month course 11/3-11/28 $195

Presentation Media Certificate

Learn to use Prezi, the new slide software that goes beyond one-dimensional presentations, and the finer points of Photoshop for presentations. Discover design elements to creating visual presentations for success using any media. Develop critical skills for both training yourself and others in your organization. Learn the latest, most advanced, practical design knowledge in presentation media.

Three one-month courses 9/2-11/28 $495


Take a journey into the world of creative presentations. Bring your vision to life with Prezi and leave PowerPoint behind. Learn how to use and engage your creative side for amazing presentations. Your audience will be stimulated with what you are presenting as well as how you are presenting.

One-month course 9/2-9/28 $195

Creating Visual Presentations

Make your visual presentations look professional, and communicate effectively. Get the latest most advanced techniques on graphic design principles, including page layout, typography and basic design considerations. Take away more skills to create an effective and beautiful visual presentation on any presentation software program that you choose.

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $195

Photoshop for Presentations

Gain both a foundational and advanced understanding of Photoshop, and practice the most commonly used methods, such as managing text, working with layers, and image file properties. You will find out the purpose of each photo-editing tool and walk away with the skills to use them. Learn what the pros know.

One-month course 11/3-11/28 $195

Workplace Communication Certificate

Good communication in the workplace is more important than ever and critical to your career advancement and success.

Three one-month courses 9/2-11/28 $595

Conflict Management

Discover a workable conflict management model, discuss case studies in conflict management, and then take away successful conflict management strategies to apply in your workplace.

One-month course 9/2-9/26 $245

Negotiation: Get What You Want

Learn the strategies to clarify what you want and how to prioritize needs will ensure you get more of what's essential. Work with a pro to learn how to plan, implement and win in the bargaining process. Save time, grow your business network and gain confidence when dealing with even the shrewdest of deal-makers

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $195

Using Personality Profiles for Better Work Performance

Understanding yourself and others will increase your overall effectiveness at work, home, and in all of your relationships. Learn how to improve your communication with others, convey your ideas effectively, and improve your ability to understand what is important to those who don't share your same style. Course fee includes your own DiSC Behavioral Personality Profile assessment and review.

One-month course 11/3-11/28 $295

Leadership Development Certificate

Geared for future leaders in the Gen Y generation (born 1980-1999), the certificate provides how-to practical information on advancing your leadership potential and making a difference in both the workplace and in society.

Three one-month courses 9/2-11/28 $395

Leadership Principles

Discover your style of leadership. Discuss task completion, building relationships with your subordinates, becoming socially perceptive to changes in the workplace, utilizing your emotions in a positive and effective manner, and addressing challenging goals. Perform a case study analysis of workplace conflicts that require effective leadership, allowing you to apply your unique leadership characteristics revealed through completing the class.

One-month course 9/2-9/26 $145

Developing Your Leadership Skills

Especially for future and emerging leaders in Gen Y, come discover the key concepts of being a leader and the best strategies for developing your leadership skills and influence. Learn the unspoken secrets that leaders know and the strategies they employ/exhibit in for influencing others. Leadership skills are acquired and learned.

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $145

Developing Your Professional Career

Identify those skills that all great leaders possess, while learning new skills that will help take you to the next level. Whether you are leading a department or an organization you will gain the knowledge you need to be successful. Learn how to incorporate a developed image and communication skills that will rocket you to that next level.

One-month course 11/3-11/28 $145

Management Certificate

Discover the keys for effectively managing your employees. Find out how to create clear expectations, engage and motivate employees, and increase your effectiveness.

Three one-month courses 9/2-11/28 $595

Management Boot Camp

Discover the keys for effectively managing your employees. Find out how to create clear expectations, engage and motivate employees, and increase your effectiveness through use of the DiSC personality profile (included). By the end of the course we will have you managing like a pro - quickly and with confidence.

One-month course 9/2-9/26 $295

Time and Productivity Management

How effectively you manage your time and productivity can affect your business and personal life in so many ways. You'll get tips and techniques you won't get anywhere else for managing time and increasing productivity. Whether you are managing your own time or others' time, come away with proven tips to put into practice on Monday morning.

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $195

Managing Generations in the Workplace

Get an understanding of managing workers in different generations in the workplace. Discover what motivates each generation at work, what incentives they respond to, and what messages they value. Each generation has different expectations and styles of work in the workplace. Explore the characteristics of the different generations in the workplace. Identify practical, how-to tips and techniques for managing Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Yers in the workplace.

One-month course 11/3-11/28 $175

eMarketing Essentials Certificate

Improve email promotions, analyze your web site traffic, develop search engine optimization, and employ online advertising successfully.

Three one-month courses 9/2-11/28 $495

Improving Email Promotions

Discover new ways to improve your email promotions, including when to email, what to email, and testing email copy. Learn to analyze your email response rates, including getting the benchmarks for open rates and click-through rates. Learn how to improve your email promotion and responses with tracking and testing. Get a basic introduction to email promotions.

One-month course 9/2-9/26 $195

Boosting Your Web Site Traffic

Learn to boost your web site traffic, analyze your visitor traffic, and use search engine optimization to get greater visibility and exposure in Google searches. Design your web site copy to increase your visitors and results.

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $195

Online Advertising

Make online advertising work for you and your organization. See how pay-per-click advertising with Google AdWords works. Find out how to test low-budget Adword campaigns. Learn how you can target local audiences. Then discover Facebook advertising and how you can determine the demographics and even numbers of people you want to reach.

One-month course 11/3-11/28 $195

Inbound Marketing Certificate

Inbound marketing is a way to help potential customers find you by using your website in a way that it attracts visitors naturally through search engines, the blogosphere, and social media.

Three one-month courses 9/2-11/28 $495

Introduction to Inbound Marketing

Discover how to attract customers to your site, what kind of content to share with them, how to use landing pages and forms to collect names and email address, and how to implement lead-nurturing campaigns that result in sales.

One-month course 9/2-9/26 $195

Content Marketing

Learn how to create content that is engaging and purposeful. Find out what you want to say to customers. Explore where you want to say it. And finally, find out how you want to say it. In one month you will be better equipped to create your own content marketing strategy and create a content-rich website that exceeds the needs of your visitors.

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $195

Advanced Inbound Marketing

Learn how to monitor, measure, and manage the integrated results of your inbound marketing activities at a more advanced level. Focus on the data that actually matters and how it is influenced by visitor/user engagement. Gain deeper insights into user behavior; learn how to track meaningful conversions, measure visitor engagement and how to use landing pages more effectively- including how to create forms that get results.

One-month course 11/3-11/28 $195

Managing Social Media Platforms Certificate

Develop a firm foundation in Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook platforms. Come away with both an understanding of these social networks and practical, how-to techniques to integrate social networks into your organization or business.

Three one-month courses 9/2-11/28 $495


Learn the best way to take advantage of the unique opportunities Twitter offers- and discover the best ways to create relationships and network with your key constituents. You will find out the best- and easiest- techniques for successful interactions in the Twitterverse.

One-month course 9/2-9/26 $195

Facebook for Business

Discover how to adapt your marketing message for the Facebook platform and how to integrate Facebook across all marketing areas. This is an advanced class and assumes you have started a Page on Facebook and have some basic knowledge of the platform. Access to Flash needed for audio and slide presentations

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $245

LinkedIn for Business

Learn how to set up your personal profile so that it gets noticed by others. Discover how LinkedIn can be used to generate leads, recruit new employees, and find new jobs. This class will cover all the intricacies of LinkedIn to help you create, customize, and optimize your presence on LinkedIn.

One-month course 11/3-11/28 $195

Social Media for Business Certificate

Learn how social networks are used to develop a two-way communication and marketing strategy for your organization.

Three one-month courses 9/2-11/28 $495

Introduction to Social Media

Learn what social networks are and their role in your business and personal life. Find out the top sites and how businesses are using the sites for communication, customer retention, branding, marketing, market research, needs assessment and serving customers and clients. Explore the options for your organization.

One-month course 9/2-9/26 $195

Marketing Using Social Media

Learn quick, easy ways to use Twitter, blogs and LinkedIn to engage your customers or clients and keep them interested in your organization or business. Learn what's right for your work and organization.

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $195

Integrating Social Media in Your Organization

Create your own private social network using Ning, work socially using Google Docs and calendars, and move your web site to an interactive Web 2.0 site. Discover which social network tools are right for your situation and how to integrate them into your web site to develop a social networking strategy for your organization

One-month course 11/3-11/28 $195

New Classes

NEW! Applying Lean Sigma Practices to HR Functions

Develop the mindset of Lean Operational Excellence, an advanced problem solving approach that facilitates continuous improvement within the organization through the identification and elimination of waste. Streamline the processes in the human resource functions such as recruiting, hiring, training, compensating and managing performance. Find out about Lean concepts, tools, and methods to benchmark and assess problems, and lead continuous improvement efforts. Gain an expanded capacity to facilitate small groups and teams using Lean Process Improvement principles and methodologies to create change within your organization.

One-month course 10/6-10/31 $245

NEW! Onboarding New Employees

Ensure a smooth transition from best candidate to star employee. Onboarding is the process of socializing new employees into the organization. Onboarding of employees begins well before traditional new-hire orientation and has long reaching implications. At the conclusion of the class you will have constructed an Onboarding Program for use in your own organization.

One-month course 9/2-9/26 $195

NEW! Powerful Presentations & Effective Speaking Techniques

Nearly every job or business has an element of speaking, presentations, or sales. Learn everything from voice and speech basics like proper breathing, diction and enunciation, to specific presentation templates and techniques that will allow you to deliver your presentations with ease and confidence. From the board-room, to the class-room, to speaking for thousands of people, there are several critical factors that every speaker must master. Learn how to effectively deliver a presentation to one person across the table, in front of a small group in a boardroom, from stage for a large audience, and host tele-seminars or webinars online.

One-month course, 9/2-9/26 $195

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