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Introductory Topics

Unit 1: Getting started
Topic A: The PowerPoint window
Topic B: Getting help

Unit 2: New presentations
Topic A: Creating new presentations
Topic B: Saving presentations
Topic C: Rearranging and deleting slides
Topic D: Using slides from other presentations

Unit 3: Formatting slides
Topic A: Text formatting
Topic B: Modifying text
Topic C: Paragraph formatting

Unit 4: Drawing objects
Topic A: Shapes
Topic B: Modifying objects
Topic C: Text in objects

Unit 5: Graphics
Topic A: WordArt
Topic B: Pictures
Topic C: Clip art

Unit 6: Tables and charts
Topic A: Tables
Topic B: Charts
Topic C: Diagrams

Unit 7: Modifying presentations
Topic A: Templates and themes
Topic B: Slide masters
Topic C: Transitions and timings
Topic D: Speaker notes
Topic E: Setting up slide shows

Unit 8: Proofing and delivering presentations
Topic A: Proofing presentations
Topic B: Running presentations
Topic C: Printing presentations

Advanced Topics

Unit 1: Custom presentation options
Topic A: Application settings
Topic B: Custom themes
Topic C: Custom templates
Topic D: Advanced slide master techniques

Unit 2: Graphic and multimedia content
Topic A: Modifying clip art
Topic B: Media clips
Topic C: Animations
Topic D: Photo albums

Unit 3: Customizing SmartArt graphics and
Topic A: Customizing SmartArt graphics
Topic B: Customizing tables

Unit 4: Action buttons and custom slide shows
Topic A: Interactive elements
Topic B: Custom slide shows

Unit 5: Distributing a presentation
Topic A: Comments
Topic B: Finishing a presentation
Topic C: Distributing a presentation
Topic D: Publish as a Web page

Unit 6: Integrating Microsoft Office files
Topic A: Build slides from a Word outline
Topic B: Embed and link content
Topic C: Documents linked with hyperlinks

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