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Introductory Topics

Getting started
Topic A: Spreadsheet terminology
Topic B: Exploring the Excel window
Topic C: Getting help
Topic D: Navigating workbooks

Entering and editing data
Topic A: Entering and editing text and values
Topic B: Entering and editing formulas
Topic C: Working with pictures
Topic D: Saving and updating workbooks

Modifying a worksheet
Topic A: Moving and copying data
Topic B: Moving and copying formulas
Topic C: Absolute and relative references
Topic D: Inserting and deleting ranges, rows, and columns

Using functions
Topic A: Entering functions
Topic B: AutoSum
Topic C: Other useful functions

Formatting worksheets
Topic A: Formatting text
Topic B: Formatting rows and columns
Topic C: Formatting numbers
Topic D: Conditional formatting
Topic E: Copying formats and applying table formats

Topic A: Preparing to print
Topic B: Page Setup options
Topic C: Printing worksheets

Creating charts
Topic A: Chart basics
Topic B: Modifying charts
Topic C: Printing charts

Managing large workbooks
Topic A: Viewing large worksheets
Topic B: Printing large worksheets
Topic C: Using multiple worksheets

Intermediate Topics

Using multiple worksheets and workbooks
Topic A: Using multiple workbooks
Topic B: Linking worksheets with 3-D formulas
Topic C: Linking workbooks
Topic D: Managing workbooks

Advanced formatting
Topic A: Using special number formats
Topic B: Using functions to format text
Topic C: Working with styles
Topic D: Working with themes
Topic E: Other advanced formatting

Outlining and subtotals
Topic A: Outlining and consolidating data
Topic B: Creating subtotals

Cell and range names
Topic A: Creating and using names
Topic B: Managing names

Lists and tables
Topic A: Examining lists
Topic B: Sorting and filtering lists
Topic C: Advanced filtering
Topic D: Working with tables

Web and Internet features
Topic A: Saving workbooks as Web pages
Topic B: Using hyperlinks
Topic C: Distributing workbooks

Advanced charting
Topic A: Chart formatting options
Topic B: Combination charts
Topic C: Graphic elements

Documenting and auditing
Topic A: Auditing features
Topic B: Comments in cells and workbooks
Topic C: Protection
Topic D: Workgroup collaboration

Templates and settings
Topic A: Application settings
Topic B: Built-in templates
Topic C: Creating and managing templates

Advanced Topics

Advanced functions
Topic A: Logical functions
Topic B: Math and statistical functions
Topic C: Financial functions
Topic D: Displaying and printing formulas

Lookups and data tables
Topic A: Using lookup functions
Topic B: Using MATCH and INDEX
Topic C: Creating data tables

Advanced list management
Topic A: Validating cell entries
Topic B: Exploring database functions

PivotTables and PivotCharts
Topic A: Working with PivotTables
Topic B: Rearranging PivotTables
Topic C: Formatting PivotTables
Topic D: PivotCharts

Exporting and importing
Topic A: Exporting and importing text files
Topic B: Exporting and importing XML data
Topic C: Querying external databases

Analytical options
Topic A: Goal Seek and Solver
Topic B: The Analysis ToolPak
Topic C: Scenarios
Topic D: Views

Macros and custom functions
Topic A: Running and recording a macro
Topic B: Working with VBA code
Topic C: Creating functions

Conditional formatting and SmartArt
Topic A: Conditional formatting with graphics
Topic B: SmartArt graphics

Power User Topics

Advanced formulas, functions, and arrays
Topic A: Text functions
Topic B: Date and time functions
Topic C: Information functions
Topic D: Array formulas

Advanced editing and formatting
Topic A: The Paste Special command
Topic B: The Go To Special dialog box
Topic C: Merging styles
Topic D: Additional chart formatting

Analyzing and sharing information
Topic A: Wizard add-ins
Topic B: Solver models and reports
Topic C: Statistical analysis tools
Topic D: Embedding and linking

Advanced customization
Topic A: Popular and Save options
Topic B: Formulas options
Topic C: Automating Excel
Topic D: Advanced options

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