Walkway over Oregon Rd, Graduating Students, Students using computers in the Fireside

Board of Trustees


Diana H. (Dee) Talmage

I am proud and honored to serve my third term as Chair of the Owens Community College Board of Trustees! Most of my life I have been involved with EDUCATION -- teaching elementary school, counseling and serving as a school board member-so I feel right at home. To me, Owens is one big family-and I am thrilled to be a part of the family!

Our Board of Trustees has many responsibilities; however, two major ones are setting policy and appointing and supporting the College President. President Mike Bower comes to Owens with higher education experience from community colleges where he served as a college president, an administrator, a program chair and as faculty. He can relate to the many stakeholders that the College serves. As a student, he earned his associate degree in automotive technology, which, as he says, made attaining his three other advanced degrees all possible. As a U.S. Army veteran, he champions for all of our students, including those returning from serving our country. In the field of business and industry, he worked for the Ford Motor Company and Thomson Consumer Electronics. He will be visible in our communities, on our campuses, and leading the College toward serving the various needs of our students, the workforce, businesses and industries.

As always, the College's mission instills hope for the future of our communities, for the livelihood of our students and their families. Thank you for letting us serve you.

"We believe in serving our students and our communities.
Your success is our mission."

Diana (Dee) Talmage
Chair, Board of Trustees