Walkway over Oregon Rd, Graduating Students, Students using computers in the Fireside

Board of Trustees

Edwin J. Nagle III

As Chair of the Board of Trustees, I am honored to be the voice of the Board, as we go forward as a responsive community college - preparing students and the local workforce for relevant careers and high-paying, in-demand jobs.

With the understanding that the root of Owens' mission is within the communities we serve, "Economic Development" will prominently serve as my mantra, as I advocate Owens' role in our communities.

Toward this end, I am pleased to help communicate The Economic Value of Owens Community College. This economic impact and investment analysis confirms the value Owens generates to its major stakeholder groups - students, taxpayers and business and industry. For example, the College and our students added $708.3 million in annual income to Owens' service district economy. I urge you to review the full report, the executive summaries, and the fact sheets to see how Owens influences the lives of students and the regional economy.

The Board is committed to the success of the College, and while the financial recovery plan will stabilize the institution in the short-term; it must also plan for the long-term. The Board has identified key priorities to advance the College - ensuring programs and training meet market needs, enrollment and creative collaborations with educational partners, businesses and industries.

The value of Owens Community College can be seen throughout the lifetime of our students and the quality of the workforce in our region.

Your success is our mission.

Ed Nagle
Chair, Board of Trustees