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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I now being charged for copies when they were free before?

Actually, printing is never "free." The college was spending tremendous amounts of money for paper and toner. Much of that was spent for pages that were immediately thrown away. We want to make certain we can continue to provide students with essential computer access and essential printing access, but we need to make certain students are using the service in a responsible way. Many colleges/universities in Ohio have already reached this conclusion and instituted a limit on free copies in their efforts to be greener.

Who will be given the print allotment?

To be given the print allotment, a student must be enrolled for classes that semester. For instance, if a student is enrolled for Fall semester, that student will be given the print allotment for Fall semester. If a student takes a semester off such as the Summer semester, that student will not be given the allotment for Summer semester.

How many pages can I print per semester?

When classes are in session, enrolled students will be given an allowance of 250 black and white sheets each semester. This is the equivalent of $10 of printing. Once you have exceeded this allotment, you will be charged for each additional page printed at four cents per page. In addition, faculty will also have a 250-page allotment for any printing they do in a public lab, the library, or in a classroom that has a printer.

Will I get a refund if I don't use all of my allotment?

No. The allotment is in place to control the costs of printing, to encourage a more mindful use of Owens printing resources and to maintain our commitment to green initiatives.

How does the print process work?

Every time you print from a public computer lab, you will be identified by either your login information or your OCID number. When you login on an OCC computer and print, the pages will automatically be counted toward your 250-page allotment.

At the beginning of each semester, your allotment will reset to 250 pages.

What will happen when I print?

One of two things will happen:

  1. When you print in a public or academic lab, you will see an information window indicating your current printing balance and the number of pages of the current print job. You will have the opportunity to approve and send, or cancel the print job.
  2. If you are at a public computer like those in the library, you will be asked to provide a name of the document, such as "Mary Article One" or "Tom research two" to identify the document. It will be sent to a print-release station where you will later select and print your documents from the queue. Documents will be held in queue for two hours. If no action is taken to release the documents to a printer within the two-hour limit, then the document file will be deleted from the queue. Only the documents you select for printing will be charged against your allotment.

How much will I be charged for printing?

You will not be charged for printing unless you exceed the 250-page allotment. Once you have exceeded this allotment, you will be charged four cents per page for each additional page printed.

How will I be charged for over quota printing?

Once you exceed the free 250-page ($10) allotment, you must have money in your Express Card account to print.

What happens if I am attempting to print and go over my quota?

Once you have printed 250 copies in one semester, you will need to deposit funds to your Express Card account to print in a computer lab. In the library, guest cards will be available for purchase.

How do I add money to my Express Card?

You can put money on your Express Card at any of the Value Transfer Stations on campus, at the Bookstore, the Jaguar Pro Shop across from the Jaguar Grill on the Toledo Campus, and on the web by logging in to Ozone. The Bookstore and the Jaguar Pro Shop can take cash, check, or credit card transfer. The website allows for credit or debit card transfers to your Express Card. (If you want to share your OCID with your parents, they too can deposit money onto your Express Card from their credit or debit cards.)

What happens to the funds collected from students who exceeded their allotment?

Because the purpose of Student Print Solutions is to encourage a more mindful use of Owens printing resources, it is our expectation that very few funds will be collected. Any funds collected from students exceeding their quota will be used for offsetting the costs of printing and for technology improvements across campus.

How can I check my Student Print balance?

Each time you print, a pop-up window will show how many pages you have printed and how many pages remain in your allotment.

Will I get "credit" or a refund for printer misfeeds, low toner or other printing mishaps?

If there is a paper jam or low toner, notify the lab assistant while it is happening. The lab assistant will be able to assist you by re-printing for you without it affecting your 250 allotment. No credit will be issued to your account.

What if I have problems with printing or my print accounting?

If you have any questions about your print accounting or problems with printing, please contact the HelpDesk at (567) 661-7120 or

What can I do to reduce the number of pages I print?

There are several steps that you can take to reduce your need to print. You may want to consider the following:

  • Keep electronic copies. "Print" documents to a PDF file instead of printing to paper or copy information to a Word document. Save research articles to a Flash drive or email them to yourself.
  • Use the "Print preview" option to decide which pages you need before printing. Watch for blank pages at the end of a document which are not needed.
  • On websites, use the "printer-friendly" option if it is provided.
  • When printing PowerPoint slides, print 6 or 9 slides to a page. Print in grayscale. If there is a dark background, it will automatically change to light when you select grayscale rather than color or black and white. Ask the lab assistants for instructions if you need help doing this. View slides electronically instead of printing them when possible.
  • For assignments, do your proofreading on the computer screen instead of on paper. If you think you must have it as a hard copy, only print the final draft.
  • See what formats your instructors will accept for your assignments. Some may want a printed copy while others will accept an electronic copy on Blackboard, so printing may not be necessary.

Below are links to videos that show how to print just what you need:

How to Print a Word 2010 Document

How to Print an Excel 2010 Sheet

How to Print PowerPoint 2010 Slides

What is the Express Card and how do I add money to the card to pay for additional pages?

More information about the Express Card is available at

Who do I contact for help?

If you are having a problem with a print job in a lab, notify the lab assistant immediately.

If you have any questions about your print accounting or problems with printing, please contact the HelpDesk at (567) 661-7120 or

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