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RSO Advisors

Advisors to an RSO play a critical role in leading the group of students, providing direction and insight, and supporting the students. To become a student organization advisor, you must be a faculty or staff member of the College who has a high level of interest in the purpose of the club and is able to commit advising the group for at least one academic year.

The role of advisors is to challenge and support organizations through organization development, decision making, policy interpretation, procedural issues, and execution of student initiated ideas. The advisory role is one of mentorship and guidance to support student driven initiatives. The advisor is also to assist with funding initiatives, event planning, membership management, accessing funds, and much more.

Other duties include:

  • Monitor the budget
    • Although RSO’s must have a designated Treasurer, the RSO Advisor should monitor and supervise the treasurer's work
    • The RSO Advisor should be aware of the nature, extent, and pattern of the organization's expenditures and income, and introduce corrective measures when necessary
    • Particular attention should be paid to the fiscal management of accounts income/expenses, the current balance, and the timely payment of bills
  • Attend all mandatory trainings (which includes Campus Security Authority trainings held through the College) held by the Student Activities Office
  • Attend all meetings and events
    • RSO advisors are recommended to meet with student officers at least once a month
    • RSO advisors must be present for all after-hours events
    • RSO advisors should help to ensure the activities of the organization reflects favorably on the college
  • Ensure compliance with campus and Student Activities policies
    • Advisors must sign-off on the following forms before submission to the Student Activities Office:
    • Application/Renewal Form
    • Budget Proposals
    • Cash Collections
    • End of Year Report
    • Event Requests
    • Purchase Requests
  • Provide guidance and/or supervision of student travel
    • RSO advisors are required to travel with members if travel is 175 miles or greater or overnight
      • Note: If the RSO Advisor is unable to travel with the organization, they may find a substitute faculty or staff member to take their place.
  • Ensure compliance with all college policies and procedures during RSO travel
  • Assist in the recruitment of membership
    • Assist students with the recruitment of new membership, including but not limited to:
      • Recruitment techniques
      • Recruitment events
      • Outreach
  • Ensure officer transitioning occurs with each change of leadership
    • Provide a historical background of the RSO to assist in creating goals, establishing traditions, and avoiding past issues
  • Oversee transitioning of the new officers and developing leadership skills of all members

An advisor agrees to operate as a good faith ambassador for Owens Community College. Advisors agree to abide by all policies governing student organizations and are required to attend educational opportunities and training offered by Student Activities to promote further development.

The Student Activities Office is available for support and questions for all RSO advisors and you can stop by our office or contact us at

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