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Connect2Complete (C2C) Grant

Owens Community College was chosen as one of nine colleges nationally to pilot the Connect2Complete (C2C) program. Selected schools commit to developing and testing the C2C model. Campus Compact, together with the pilot sites will use data and evidence from the pilot projects to support the identification of the essential elements necessary to codify a peer-to-peer model. To grow a model on the pilot campuses and for widespread adoption and lasting impact beyond the initial phase, state affiliates will work in partnership with Campus Compact to identify a financing model for C2C, with an emphasis on leveraging and repurposing existing revenue streams such as work study. This short-term pilot project has the potential to catalyze long-term systemic change for community colleges.

The Connect2Complete (C2C) Grant seeks to build evidence of success through implementation of the C2C pilot projects, proving that colleges that use peer-to-peer advocacy that build student social capital, leadership development and community engagement, can positively impact retention and persistence. Mobilizing successful students in support of students who face obstacles to completion has the potential to influence community college practice and result in significant increases toward persistence and retention. We believe that the core values of academic success, community campus/connections and social justice can be transformative for C2C students, peer advocates and for the community college as a whole.

Go to the Connect2Complete (C2C) website for more information: Connect2Complete (C2C)

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