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How to Register on the Web

If you are registering for the first time, you must first complete an online Application for Admission to Owens Community College.

If you have not attended Owens Community College in the past two or more years, you must submit a new online Application for Admission.

You can search the class schedule before you begin to register or during the registration process.
*Note: Some courses require the prior completion of another, lower level class. Prerequisites for course are indicated in the course descriptions.

Logging In

  1. Go to Ozone (this link opens a new browser window so you can refer back to these instructions.)
  2. Enter your User Name and Password in the Log in box.
  3. Click on the School Services Tab
  4. Click on Administrative Services link.
  5. Click on Student Service & Financial Aid.
  6. Click on Registration
  7. Click on Select Term and choose term from the pop-up link.
  8. Click on the Submit Term button.

Selecting Your Classes

  1. Click on Add/Drop Classes from the Registration & Schedule list.
  2. Scroll down to the Add Class button.
  3. Enter the CRN's (Course Request Numbers) that corresponds to the courses you would like to take. You can search for classes by clicking on class search located at bottom of the page.
    1. Select the class by clicking in the box next to the CRN and enter. This will return you to the add/drop classes. Continue the process until you have entered all your classes.
      Note: Some courses have a lecture/lab or lecture/lab/recitation combination. For these associated course combinations, you must put in the CRN for all related sections.
  4. Once you have entered all your CRN's, click on submit changes. If you experience an error refer to registration error messages below.
  5. Click the Log out icon when you are finished to protect your privacy.

Registration Error Messages:

CLOSED SECTION - The maximum enrollment for this course has been met.

DUPLICATE CRN - You have entered the CRN for a course multiple times. You must remove one of the duplicate CRN's and submit again.

DUPL CRSE WITH SEC - You are attempting to register for two different sections of the same course. This cannot be done through web registration.

LINK ERROR - This class requires that you register for an additional class (generally a lab and/or clinical).

MAJOR RESTRICTION - Your current major is not approved for this class.

MAX HOURS EXCEEDED - You have exceeded the number of credit hours allowed for registration (18 credit hours). If you wish to override this restriction you must meet with an advisor to be signed into the class.

NO TIME TICKET - You are unable to register on line at this time. If you are on probation you will need to have an advisor or counselor approve your registration. If you are a returning student who has not attended in 2 or more years you will need to submit a new application before you can web register. Post-Secondary students are not approved to register on the web; you will need to meet with an advisor for class scheduling.

PREQ & TEST SCORE - The class you are seeking has a co-requisite or prerequisite that has not been met by your Owens Community College transcript or test scores on record. Please refer to the course description for prerequisite information. If you believe that you meet the prerequisite with coursework from another institution, then you will need to either meet with an advisor in Enrollment Services or bring an official unopened transcript to the Records Office for evaluation.

SECTION STATUS PROHIBITS REGISTRATION - Class is either closed (accepting no more enrollments) or cancelled.

TIME CONFLICT - A time conflict exists between classes. You will need to select another section that fits into your schedule. For assistance regarding registration information contact the Records Office.

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