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Reciprocity-Monroe County Residents

Eligible Reciprocity Programs

The states of Ohio and Michigan have entered into an agreement passed by the Ohio Board of Regents whereby a Michigan, Monroe County resident, may enroll at Owens Community College and pay the Ohio resident tuition instead of the out-of-state tuition. In order to qualify for this tuition, surcharge exemption, it will be necessary for you to complete a Monroe County Resident Reciprocity Application. This is a separate application form. Reciprocity exists only for Monroe County Residents who wish to enroll in programs at Owens State Community College that have been approved to be a part of this agreement. Below is the list of the degree and certificate programs that qualify under the Tuition Reciprocity Agreement.

"Pre" concentrations are ineligible for reciprocity. You must be accepted into the program and currently registered for the clinical portion for reciprocity to be granted.

This list is updated daily and a printable version could be out of date immediately.

Bus & Info & Hlth Sup Tech

Major CodeMajorDegree Code
ZBPCBaking and Pastry CertificateCERT
ZCPACPA Qualifying CertificateCERT
ZCACCulinary Arts CertificateCERT
DMADDatabase Mgmt and Admin MajorAAB
DTTPDietetic Technician ProgramAAS
ESHPEntrepreneurship MajorAAB
HINFHealth Information Mgt SystemsAAS
ISYSInformation Systems TechnologyAAB
MKTSMarketing and Sales TechAAB
ZMEDMedical Coding CertificateCERT
ZMOSMedical Office Support CertCERT
ZMTNMedical Transcription CertificCERT
ZQULQuality Assurance CertCERT
ZBBCSix Sigma Black Belt CertCERT
ZGBCSix Sigma Green Belt CertCERT
ZWDSWeb Design CertificateCERT

Health & Educ & Humn Services

Major CodeMajorDegree Code
ZCTCComputed Tomography CertCERT
ZDACDental Assisting CertificateCERT
DHYPDental Hygiene ProgramAAS
SONODiagnostic Med SonographyAAS
ZECDEarly Child DirectorCERT
ECETEarly Childhood Education TechAAS
EMMTEmergency Medical ManagementAAS
ZFIRFire Fighter CertificateCERT
FIREFire Science TechnologyAAS
MRITMagnetic Resonance Imaging TecAAS
ZMSTMassage Therapy CertificateCERT
MASTMassage Therapy TechnologyAAS
NMEDNuclear Medicine MajorAAS
OTAPOccupational Therapy AssistAAS
PTAPPhysical Therapist AssistAAS
RDTTRadiologic TechnologyAAS

Hum & Soc Sci & Crim Justice

Major CodeMajorDegree Code

Interdisciplinary Studies

Major CodeMajorDegree Code
ZCARCommercial Art CertificateCERT
CARTCommercial Art TechnologyAAS
ZCPCCommercial Photography CertCERT
COPHCommercial Photography TechnAAS
MUBTMusic Business TechnologyAAS

School of Nursing

Major CodeMajorDegree Code
LPNPLicensed Practical Nurse CertCERT
MDAPMedical Assisting ProgramAAS
NRSPRegistered Nurse ProgramAAS
NRSLRegistered Nurse Program - LPNAAS
SURTSurgical TechnologyAAS

Sci Techn Eng & Math

Major CodeMajorDegree Code
APETApplied Engineering TechnologyAAS
ARETArchitectural Eng TechnologyAAS
ZBRCAuto Body Refinish Techn CertCERT
ZABCAuto Body Technician CertifCERT
ASEPAuto Service Excel ProgAAS
ZASCAutomotive Service CertCERT
ASMMAutomotive Service Mgt MajorAAS
BIOMBiomedical Electronics MajAAS
ZBULBuilding Maint CertificateCERT
ZCCOCISCO Academy CertificateCERT
ZDIEDiesel Service CertCERT
DSLTDiesel TechnologyAAS
ZELEElectrical CertificateCERT
ZGMWGMAW Welding CertificateCERT
ZGTWGTAW Welding CertificateCERT
ZINDIndustrial Mechanic CertCERT
LTMPLandscape & Turfgrass Mgt ProgAAS
ZMACMachining CertificateCERT
ZNACNetwork Administration CertCERT
ZNSCNetwork Security CertificateCERT
NISTNetworking & Info Sys SupportAAB
ZPIPPipefitting/Plumbing CertCERT
ZSMWSMAW Welding CertificateCERT
SKTBSkilled Trades Build MaintAAS
SKTCSkilled Trades ConstructAAS
SKTESkilled Trades ElectricalAAS
SKTMSkilled Trades MechanicalAAS
ZTLDTool and Die/Mold Maker CertCERT
ZWELWelding CertificateCERT

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