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Provost Updates

February 26, 2010

Dear Campus Community:

I wanted to provide the campus community with an update from the Provost Office as a means to continue to enhance communication between our office and the campus. At the beginning of the semester, I shared with the Provost Council my vision for Office of the Provost. I shared that this vision should unite our work and provide our Office a focus for decision making and priority setting. That vision was to facilitate the creation of an "Owens Experience" comprised of a welcoming environment, superior student service, caring relationships, sound advising and a quality educational experience. The "Owens Experience" would be one experienced by students, employees and community stakeholders alike. Several initiatives are evolving around this vision and I would like to provide a brief overview of those initiatives.

Strategic Planning: I have asked each area reporting to the Office of the Provost to develop a tactical plan to set their priorities around the vision. I believe that setting clear priorities and engaging in planning will be essential as we move into the next budget cycle.

Enrollment Management: We are establishing clear guidelines to aid departments in developing an enrollment management strategy that maximizes resources, enhances the "Owens Experience" and ensures delivery of a quality educational program.

Program Review: We are establishing a program review process for all instructional and academic services programs reporting to the Office of the Provost. The program review process will assist us in monitoring the strengths and needs of programs and facilitate the continuous quality improvement process.

If you'd like to learn more about these initiatives Tamara Williams and I will be providing a series of brown bag lunches to talk more with you. The first one is being held Monday, March 22nd in the Center for Teaching and Learning on the Toledo-area campus. A second one is scheduled for March 29th at 11:00 a.m. on the Findlay-area campus.

One additional item that may be of interest to you is that Owens Community College has become a member of the Ohio Campus Compact. The Ohio Campus Compact is a network of colleges and universities that hold dearly the value of community service and service learning. The network provides support to the colleges through a variety of activities and grant opportunities. Denise Shuster, chair of Social and Behavioral Sciences, is currently our liaison with Campus Compact. In the coming months she will be sharing with the campus community more about Campus Compact and how it can support your community service and service learning initiatives.

I thank you all for your contributions to Owens.

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