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Assessment Committee

Purpose: The purpose of assessment of student learning is to help the College determine the extent to which it is fulfilling its mission of educating students. Assessment allows the College to make improvements in program structure, course content, and pedagogy.

Assessing Student Learning at the Program Level: Assessment at the program level provides a clear sense of what the program is designed to accomplish and what students who complete the program should know, understand, and be able to do when they graduate. Ultimately, the assessment process yields data that informs faculty and other decision-makers about relevant issues impacting the program, classroom instruction and student learning. These data are used as a foundation to support recommendations for program improvement.

Assessing Student Learning at the Institutional Level: The process of assessment helps the College monitor the competence of students, not just in terms of expertise in their program of study but also with respect to the attainment of a general education. All degree-seeking students at Owens must complete a core of courses to provide a foundation that aids in the achievement of general education competencies in writing, oral communication, mathematics, critical thinking, social responsibility and information literacy. These competencies are also integrated into and reinforced in all degree programs through non-general education courses.

Assessment at Owens is guided by the Student Learning Assessment Committee (SLAC). The goal of the Student Learning Assessment Committee is to implement, and monitor a comprehensive, efficient and effective institution-wide process for assessing student learning.

Meeting Minutes

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