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Market Penetration

Transition from High School to College

Labor Market Data Tools

Community Economic Development Hot Report

Crosswalk between CIP and SOC Codes
Provides a crosswalk between the Classification of Instructional Programs and Standard Occupational Codes.

Current Employment Statistics Query
View and download data on employment by industry for Ohio and eleven metropolitan areas.

Employment and Wages by Industry Query - 2000 to Present
Provides the number of business establishments, employees and wages by industry.

Industry Staffing Patterns & Occupational Employment Profiles
Lists occupations within an industry and industries that employ a specified occupation

Local Employment Dynamics
New time series data that provides details about jobs, workers,local economies and communities.

Occupational Profiles with Wages and Skills
Includes occupational codes, titles, and definitions

Occupational Supply and Demand System
Provides information to assist with the analysis of supply and demand issues relevant to today's labor market

Occupational Wages and Employment
Provides occupational wage data for a variety of occupations by area

Labor Force, Employment, and Unemployment
Provides unemployment rates and other local area employment, unemployment and labor force statistics.

Community Economic Development HotReport
A U.S. Census Bureau's report that provides economic, demographic, housing, transportation and community assets indicators for Ohio counties and Appalachian Ohio. Data for other states and areas are available as well.

State of Ohio Publications

Condition of Higher Education in Ohio
2011   2010   2009   2008

Ohio Economic Analysis
2010   2009   2008

Operating manual for 2 Year Campus Programs - Ohio Board of Regents

OBR Template - Proposal for New Associates Degree Program

OBR Template - Proposal for New Technical Major

OBR Template - Request for Preliminary Approval

Profile of Unemployment: A Post-Recession Analysis

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