Honors Program Student Application

Instructions: The student applicant should complete this form and have the appropriate official transcripts of high school, prior college, and test scores are on file in the College's Records Office.

Honors Program Student Application
Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Phone Number
Social Security Number
OR OCID Number
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High School
High School GPA*
College GPA*
*Applicants who have fewer than 12 college credit hours on record at Owens Community College must email a copy of their high school or college transcript to honorsprogram@owens.edu.
Number of college credit hours completed
Program of Study
Owens Email Address
Academic honors
Extracurricular/Community activities

Honors Program Curriculum

Do you understand the curriculum?
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I intend to complete the 15 credit hours required in the Honors Program curriculum.
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I intend to be an Honors Program graduate.
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I agree to meet with the Honors Program Advisor (Russ Bodi in Toledo or Tim Rice in Findlay) each semester to plan my curriculum.
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In the area provided, please write a brief description of why you want to be in the Honors Program, how it will help you, and what you will bring to the program.