Alternative & Renewable Energy

Toledo-area Campus: 50 kW Entegrity Wind Turbine

You are now viewing a live camera image of the new 50 kW Entegrity wind turbine along with its current operating parameters in real time. The turbine is a down wind machine mounted on a 120 ft tapered tower and has blades 50 ft in diameter. It was installed October 30, 2009 and is located just south of the Engineering Technologies parking lot and feeds its 480 volt 3 Phase power directly to the Engineering building to help offset the electrical load.

It starts generating in winds about 9 mph and shuts down in winds of 50 mph. It's able to withstand winds of up to 133 mph. The generator turns at a constant 1800 rpm with the blades maintaining a constant 64 rpm to synchronize with the Toledo Edison grid. It has a design life of 30 years and will provide training for both students in the new Alternative Energy and Sustainable Systems Technology 2-year curriculum, and for the WCS Wind Turbine Installation and Wind Technology Maintenance Technician certification courses.

Live Webcam: