About Project Green

Owens Community College has embarked upon a significant program that has helped shape the College's position upon energy management, fiscal performance and its sense of duty to a sustainable environment. The College has invested $6.2 million dollars to restructure its operations and methods with highly energy efficient systems. The College has been renovating and retrofitting mechanical systems and equipment to allow Owens to be one of the premier campus energy performers in Northwest Ohio.

Through the combined efforts of the College's Division of Operations and the Energy Systems Group (ESG), Owens is on pace to reduce its annual energy expense by more than $ 835,000 while reducing the College's carbon impact, equivalent to 6,510 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Through these same cost effective measures, the College will satisfy the HB 251 mandate to reduce energy consumption by 20% by 2014, with an actual reduction of 23.04% by the end of 2011. With actual savings being more than projected, the College is planning for a Phase 2 program with additional energy savings measures being completely paid for through the associated savings.

New Alternative Energy Program

Check out our new Alternative Energy and Sustainable Systems Technology 2-year Degree Program offered on both the Toledo-area and Findlay-area Campuses.

Wind Turbine Live Webcam

View the Toledo-area Campus wind turbine live webcam and wind speed data.

PV Array

View the Findlay-area Campus PV array energy data report.