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Legislative Advocacy
Legislative Advocacy Network FAQ

Legislative Advocacy Network Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a part of "Legislative Advocacy Network"?

Anyone can become a member of the network. Legislators need to hear from a diverse group of people. Students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, community leaders and others who have a vested interest in Owens Community College are possible members. But membership is not limited to these groups.

What is the "Legislative Advocacy Network"?

The Legislative Advocacy Network are well-informed, group of individuals who want to advocate on behalf of Owens Community College (and community colleges and higher education in general) to state and federal legislators. Individuals who join the network will receive regular updates about legislative activities in Columbus and Washington. If you are interested you may also have opportunities to communicate with legislators when needed and participate in various government-related events.

When should I get involved?

Now! The Ohio General Assembly and the United States Congress will soon be debating legislation that will have a significant impact on Owens, and by extension, our students and the communities we serve.

Why do we need a program like "Legislative Advocacy Network"?

The program will help ensure our voices are heard. Legislators are inundated with information from a wide variety of interests groups. As constituents, we need to break through the clutter and be certain legislators understand the needs of our students and communities.

How can I make a difference?

Join today! Fill out the Legislative Advocacy Network form and submit your information online.

What if I have additional questions?

Please direct any additional questions you have to:

Jennifer Fehnrich
Special Assistant for Government Relations
Toledo-area Campus
Administration Hall, 2nd Floor
Toledo, Ohio 43699

Phone: (567) 661-7100 Email: jennifer_fehnrich@owens.edu

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