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Bill Buck Memorial Fund

Bill Buck Memorial Fund Brochure

Inspired by the life of William L. "Bill" Buck Jr., Owens' faculty and staff have collaborated with the Owens Community College Foundation to establish the first annual endowed scholarship fund geared towards students with disabilities.

This endowed scholarship is named after Bill Buck, a long-time adjunct faculty member at Owens Community College who passed away.

Bill Buck affected many people's lives. He was diagnosed with severe polio at an early age. From that time, he lived his life exclusively from a wheelchair. Bill had a passion for living that influenced his fellow educators at Owens, the many organizations he was involved with, and most importantly, the students he cared for and mentored.

Bill challenged us to appreciate all that we have, how to inspire others, and that anything is possible. Bill Buck was truly an extraordinary man.

If you wish to support students with disabilities, please contact Debbie Green at (567) 661-7603 or download this brochure regarding the scholarship fund.

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