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Understanding Financial Aid Awards

The Student's Financial Aid Package

The studentís financial aid awards will be posted to his/her Owens Ozone account. The student should review all the information on his/her account and on the financial aid web site carefully. The financial aid web site contains important details about the studentís financial aid package and their responsibilities as a financial aid recipient. The student is responsible for the information provided to them. Students will be notified if he/she must respond to their award notice.

The studentís offer of financial assistance is their estimated financial aid package for the academic year. Eligibility for need-based aid is based on the estimated cost of attending Owens Community College, the studentís Expected Family Contribution (EFC) based on the information that was provided on the studentís Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and the studentís enrollment status.

The Office of Financial Aid at Owens acts as a clearinghouse for many aid programs. If the student is eligible, and aid funds are available, the student may receive a package composed of funds from different sources. These funds are combined with the studentís resources to meet his/her financial need. The types and amounts of financial aid in a studentís package also are limited by regulatory maximums, the studentís academic class status (freshman or sophomore), grade point average, fund availability and his/her enrollment status (full- or part-time). If the student receives additional financial aid assistance during the academic year, a new award notice will be sent by email to the studentís Owens email account.

Shopping Sheet

The Shopping Sheet summarizes the studentís financial aid so that he/she may compare financial aid awards among various colleges and universities. Students may view the Shopping Sheet in Ozone by selecting the ďFinancial AidĒ link and clicking on ďShopping Sheet.Ē If the student does not have an Ozone account, he/she may obtain one by completing an admissions application.

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