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Express Card

Express Card

Express Card Policies & Disclosures

The Owens Express ID Card (Express Card) is an identification (ID) card with a debit function used by Owens Students, Employees, Retirees, and Guests on and off campus. Students present the Express Card as an Owens ID to use computer labs, Testing Center, Library, conduct business at College Offices and use as a debit function on campus. To obtain an Express Card, students must be registered for classes and present photo identification to the Department of Public Safety. There is no charge for the first Owens Express ID Card. The Express Card remains the property of Owens Community College. It is non-transferable and must be presented upon request to college personnel, or when attending activities or facilities, or when used as a debit card.

The Express Card Debit Account is non-interest bearing. Only the person pictured on the card is authorized to spend money from that account. Owens reserves the right to change the account terms and conditions at any time. If a change reduces limits or restricts the account holder's rights under the terms and conditions, the College will give at least twenty (20) calendar days notice by mail. However, if an immediate change is necessary for security reasons, the College may first make the change and then notify the account holder.

Currency deposits of $1 to $20 may be made at any Value Transfer Station (VTS), located in College Hall (CH), the Student Health & Activities Center (SHAC) and the Findlay Campus Commons Area.

Funds may be withdrawn from Express Card Debit Accounts containing $2 or more by submitting a written request to the Student Accounts drop box on either campus. All refunds are issued by checks written in the name of the account holder and mailed to the current address on file in the Records/Human Resources/Alumni Office. Cash withdrawals and credit card reimbursements from Express Card Debit Accounts are not permitted. Accounts with no activity over a 24-month period are considered inactive. Inactive accounts will be terminated regardless of balance.

Questions on Deposits or Charges to a Cardholder Account and Error Resolution Procedures:
If the account holder believes there is a discrepancy with a charge to the account, the department that processed the transaction should be contacted within thirty (30) calendar days. Questions regarding deposits made on an account need to be brought to the attention of the Office of Student Accounts during normal business hours.

If there is a discrepancy on an account, the request to review the account must be in writing. The account holder will be requested to include the account holder name and account number, describe the transaction in question and clearly explain the discrepancy and indicate the date and dollar amount of the transaction. The department responsible for reviewing the discrepancy will notify the account holder in writing of any corrective measures put in place. Any errors found through the investigation will be immediately corrected.

Disclosure of Account Information to Third Parties:
The College will disclose information to third parties about the account holder's account or the transactions only:

  1. in order to comply with court orders or to meet the requirements of applicable law; or
  2. if the account holder gives written permission; or
  3. if it is necessary to verify the existence and condition of the account for a third party vendor.

Reporting Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards and Liability for Card Use:
It is the cardholder's responsibility to report a lost or stolen card immediately to the Department of Public Safety. A $15 replacement fee will be charged for any lost or stolen card. If the Express Card is damaged or broken, bring the damaged card and/or pieces to the Department of Public Safety for a free replacement card.

Summary of Fees:

  1. No transaction fee for purchase transactions
  2. No transaction fee for deposit
  3. No account-closing fee
  4. No charge for name change
  5. There is a $15 annual service fee on inactive accounts.
  6. There is a $15 card replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.
  7. There is a $30 return check fee.

If you experience any purchasing problems, call our IT Help Desk at (567) 661-7120.

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