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Frequently Asked Questions - Business, Information Technology, and Public Service

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Business and Information Technology

  1. How do I set up my BUS 293, IST 293, or OAD 293 Cooperative work experience? The Co-op is set up through the department, you must speak with a representative from the IST, OAD, or BUS department about setting up your co-op. Co-op FAQs
  2. What is the "Graduation Portfolio" for the Office Administration majors? In OAD 135, Introduction of Office Administration, the student is introduced to the importance of the professional portfolio. It will eventually include a project from each Office Administration class. The student should be sure to keep it up to date so when he/she enters OAD 293, Office Administration Cooperative Work Experience, he/she can add the final touches and present it for a grade.
  3. What is the difference between Office Administration Technology and Medical Office Support Option? The major classes added to the Medical Office Support Option help you work in office support at a doctor's office. The Medical office support option is for students who know they want to work in an office in the medical field and will prepare the student for such a position. The Office Administration Technology major is for students who simply want to work in an office and will prepare the student for situations that will occur in any office environment.
  4. There are prerequisites for the classes required by my computer major that are not required as part of the major itself. Do I still need to take them? Yes. The prerequisites are there for the benefit of the student. Some students come into college with the knowledge base from Tech Prep programs. However, if you do not have that knowledge base, it is important to take the courses to ensure success in the course required by the major.

Early Childhood Education

  1. What is the "red packet?" The red packet is a packet of information given to students in the ECE 100 class. It has detailed information on what is required of students in the program including a background check. This background check must be done prior to registering for any classes that require child contact.
  2. Can I register for classes without having clearance? Students who do not have a cleared background, cannot register for any class requiring child contact. They may register for courses where contact with children is not a requirement of the course.
  3. MTH 108 is required by the ECE program. If I take MTH 110 or higher, will this be accepted or do I still have to take MTH 108? MTH 108 or higher will be accepted to fulfill the requirements for the ECE program.

Public Service

  1. Can I take the Criminal Justice Degree Program and attend the Peace Officer Academy at the same time? Yes. Students desiring to enroll in the Peace Officer Academy must speak with the academy commander located in the CDT building for further information.
  2. How old do I need to be to enter the Peace Officer Academy? You must be 21 years old prior to finishing the Peace Officer Academy.

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