Webcourse List

Not all web courses are offered each semester. To find out if a specific web course will be offered in an upcoming semester, use our online Class Schedule. Be sure to select the desired semester and "class/web Based Course" in the CLASS TYPE area.

Course Title
ACC101 Accounting I
ACC102 Accounting II
ACC140 Federal Tax Accounting I
ACC141 Federal Tax Accounting II
ACC203 Cost and Managerial Accounting
ACC220 Intermediate Accounting I
ACC221 Intermediate Accounting II
ANT101 Introduction to Anthropology
ANT200 Cultural Anthropology
ANT202 Physical Anthropology
ART101 Art Appreciation
ART105 History of Western Art
BIO201 General Biology I
BIO203 Introduction to Ecology
BIO211 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO212 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIO217 Human Form & Function I
BIO218 Human Form & Function II
BUS100 Business Professionalism
BUS101 Contemporary Business
BUS120 Business Management
BUS130 Introduction to Small Business
BUS200 The Legal Environment of Bus
BUS205 Human Resource Management
BUS230 Small Business Operations Management
BUS260 International Business
BUS285 Career Exploration & Development
BUS296 Business Management Capstone
CAP293 CAP Coop Work Experience
CHM095 Principles of Chemistry
CHM115 Inorganic & Organic Chemistry
CHM121 General Chemistry I
CHM122 General Chemistry II
CIM100 Registry Org & Operations
CIM125 Cancer Disease Management
CIM150 Oncology Coding & Staging Syst
CIM201 Abstracting Prin & Practices I
CIM202 Abstracting Prin & Practices II
CIM225 Patient Follow Up
CIM250 Cancer Data Util Stats & QA
CIM275 Clinical Applications
CJS101 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJS103 Criminology for Police and Correctional Personnel
CJS253 Legal Issues in Corrections
CJS259 Community Corrections
CLW105 Climate & Weather
DTT103 Community Nutrition
ECE100 Intro Early Childhood Educ
ECE101 Child Development
ECO201 Microeconomics
ECO202 Macroeconomics
EDU100 Introduction to Education
EDU120 Educational Technology
EDU210 Individuals w/Exceptionalities
EET119 VB Programming
EET130 Computer Diagnosis
EET221 Common Gateway Interface
EET281 Networking Basics
EMP110 Emergency Planning I
EMP120 Emergency Planning II
EMP150 Hazardous Materials and WMD
EMP221 Field Experiences in EMP
EMP230 GIS for Emergency Management
EMP240 Public Info Officer Role/EMP
EMP245 Public Information and the Med
EMP250 Emergency Management Planning Capstone
EMP260 Emergency Management Exercise Development
ENG111 Composition I
ENG112 Composition II
ENG120 Business Communications
ENG125 Writing for the Web
ENG130 Intro to Technical Comm
ENG200 Introduction to Literature
ENG230 Beginning Creative Writing
ENV101 Introduction to Environmental Issues
ENV110 OSHA General Safety
ENV121 OSHA 40 Hour HazWOpER
ENV201 Environmental Issues
ENV235 Water Treatment Operation
FIN201 Principles of Finance
FIN215 Personal Financial Management
FNH103 Community Nutrition
FNH121 Basic Nutrition
FNH293A Culinary Arts Co-op
FNH293B Hospitality Management Co-op
FRE111 Beginning French I
FRE112 Beginning French II
FRE211 Intermediate French I
FST115 Building Design & Construction
FST130 Fire Technical Report Writing
FYE121 Foundations for College
GEO111 Introduction to Geology/Hydrology
GOV100 Comparative Government
GOV111 American Government
GOV205 State and Local Government
HIS101 Western Civilization I (Antiquity to 1648)
HIS102 Western Civilization II (1648 To Present)
HIS151 World Civilization I
HIS152 World Civilization II
HIS201 American History I (Begin to 1877)
HIS202 Amer Hist II (1877 - Present)
HIS205 The Civil War
HIT102 Intro to Health Records
HIT110 Introduction to Medical Transcription
HIT120 Language of Medicine for MT
HIT125 Language of Medicine
HIT130 Human Anatomy & Phys for MT
HIT140 Disease Processes for MT
HIT150 Applications & Pronunciations
HIT200 Medical Specialties & Editing
HIT210 Begin Medical Transcriptions
HIT220 Intermediate Transcriptions
HIT223 Legal Concepts in Health Care
HIT231 Pharmacology for HIT
HIT232 Ancillary Health Records
HIT235 Healthcare Stats & Registries
HIT236 Pathophysiology for HIT
HIT237 Health Care Information System
HIT240 Advanced Medical Transcription
HIT241 CPT Coding
HIT243 Reimbursement Methodologies
HIT246 Management of Health Info Svcs
HIT250 Employment & Technology
HIT290 Special Topics in HIT
HSC100 Interdisciplinary Health Concepts
HSC260 Personal Wellness
HUM100 Intro to the Humanities
IDS295 Capstone Seminar
IST111 Introduction to E-Business
IST114 Programming Logic
IST115 Visual Basic Programming
IST124 Introduction to the Internet
IST125 Networking Technologies
IST126 Introduction to HTML
IST128 Introduction to XML
IST131 Microcomputing Concepts and Applications
IST132 Adv Computer Applications
IST140 Advanced Visual Basic
IST144 Introduction to SQL
IST227 Website User Interface Design
IST228 Web Imaging
IST235 Electronic Spreadsheet Business Analysis
IST236 Database and Query
IST238 Peachtree Accounting
IST239 Quickbooks Accounting
IST240 Microsoft Net Admin I
IST261 Advanced C++ Programming for Business
IST264 Web Scripting
IST265 Java Programming
IST266 Web Security & Secure Transactions
IST267 Web Application Develop Tools
IST268 Web Based Tech Support & Doc
IST269 Advanced Java Programming (Hybrid - Onsite visits required)
IST281 Cyber Crime and Info Security
IST284 Fund of Internet Security
IST289 Project Management
IST290 Special Topics in Computer Information Systems
IST293 IST Cooperative
LDR222 Workplace Diversity
MIT251 Fundamental Principles of CT
MIT252 Sectional Anatomy for CT
MIT253 Safety & Patient Care in CT
MIT254 Pathology & Protocols in CT
MKT101 Marketing
MKT115 Retailing Management
MKT242 Marketing on the Web
MKT245 Advertising
MKT252 International Marketing
MRS201 Med Ins Billing & Reimbursement
MRS202 Hospital Billing and Reimbursement
MRS204 Patient Billing Process
MTH108 Modern College Mathematics
MTH110 Introduction to College Algebra/Trig
MTH121 Math of Finance
MTH122 Math for Computing
MTH125 Modern Business Math
MTH126 Modern Business Calculus
MTH170 College Algebra
MTH173 College Trigonometry
MTH175 Precalculus
MTH180 Calculus
MTH213 Introduction to Statistics
MTH215 Business Statistics
MUS101 Music Appreciation
MUS105 Music of World Cultures
NRS120 Drug Calculation Elective
NRS121 Nursing Concepts
NRS123 Clinic Ad Hlth
NRS124 Nursing Role Transition
NRS125 Nursing Concepts
NRS130 Pharmacology
NRS131 Pathophysiology
NRS223 Adult Health Issues LPN
NRS224 Adult Health Issues II
NRS225 Adult Mental Health Issues (6 week module)
NRS226 Adult Health Issues III (Hybrid - Onsite clinicals required)
NRS227 Mat & Neonatal Health Issues
NRS228 Child Health Issues
NRS230 Community /Family Health Issue
NRS235 Adult Health IV Critical Care
OAD100 Beginning Keyboarding
OAD102 Word Processing Applications
OAD103 Keyboarding Speed & Develop I (Hybrid - Some onsite class sessions required)
OAD135 Introduction to Office Administration
OAD215 Advanced Document Formatting
OAD245 Medical Terminology
OAD260 Admin Office Management
OAD280 Office Publications
OAD285 Electronic Portfolio Develop
OAD290 Special Topics
OAD294 Emerging Trends in Med Office
PHL101 Intro to Philosophy
PSY100 Prof/Career Issues Psych
PSY101 General Psychology
PSY111 Indust/Organization Psych
PSY215 Social Psychology
PSY217 Intro to Human Sexuality
PSY220 Abnormal Psychology
PSY230 Intro to Gerontology
PSY260 Life Span Psychology
PTA202 PTA Seminar
QCT105 Technology in Society
QCT110 Statistical Quality Control
QCT202 Continuous Improvement & TQM
SKT131 Electrical Print Reading
SKT171 Electricity: DC Principles
SKT184 National Electrical Code
SOC101 Sociology
SOC220 Multicultural Diversity in US
SOC250 Cultural Anthropology
SOC260 Medical Sociology
SPA111 Beginning Spanish I
SPA112 Beginning Spanish II
SPE101 Public Speaking
SPE110 Introduction to Mass Media
SSC101 Preparing to Succeed in College
SSC110 Career & Life Decisions
SSC115 College Study Skills
SSC290 Special Topics
SUP 101 On Being A Supervisor
SUP 102 Managing Yourself
SUP 103 Developing Your Communication Skills
SUP 104 Leadership
SUP 105 Improving Productivity and Quality