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Child Care Technology Lab, Findlay-area Campus

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Step Up To Quality - Ohio's Voluntary Quality Rating System

Step up to Quality

Step Up To Quality is Ohio's Star Rating system for licensed early childhood programs.
Owens is a five star rated program.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Owens Community College Child Care Technology Lab is to provide quality childcare for the children of faculty, staff, students and the community. The lab school has a continuous working relationship with the Early Childhood Education Technology, maintains best practices in Early Childhood Education and actively involves Child Care Center teachers in the training and mentoring of the Early Childhood Education Technology students. The center serves as a college lab school in which early childhood education students can work under the direction of both faculty and our lab school teaching staff to learn the art of educating young children.

Our program is devoted to enhancing the lives of young children through a developmentally appropriate curriculum which is child centered. We are mindful of our responsibility as a teacher-training program and therefore strive to serve as a role model and an advocate for quality childcare throughout the community.

We owe these children the chance to be cared for in a homelike setting where they are encouraged to be the best they can be.  It is their right, and we can do no less for them. -- Deborah Ciecka, Chair, Teacher Education

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy includes the following beliefs:

  • That each child is a unique individual with special gifts and talents.
  • That the needs of the whole child must be considered and nurtured when planning any activity or environment for young children.
  • That parents are the primary educators of their children and that we serve to support the family in its child-rearing role.
  • That children must be nurtured and respected as they go about their everyday role of work through play.
  • We acknowledge that growth during the early years is uneven and that each child learns at his/her own pace. As such, developmentally appropriate child centered curriculum is planned to meet the needs of each child.
  • We believe in children's unique ability to express their learning in hundreds of different ways. We believe that hands on experiences with emphasis on doing allows for this varied and always interesting expression on learning.
  • We believe that children are capable partners in their own learning and that they can engage with teachers and families in exploring their world.

Go here for more information about the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

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The Children at the Owens Early Learning Center give back to the community by donating to CHOPIN Hall the canned food they collected.

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