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Power Outage

Tips for Disaster Situations

  • If a fuse or circuit breaker needs to be replaced, turn off all large appliances or unplug them before replacing to avoid damages to the electrical system.

  • Check your neighborhood to see if others are without power, then call to report the power outage. Call only once to keep the line open for other customers.

  • In a severe emergency or disaster, expect electrical power to be out for several days. In such an event, consider relocating to a shelter or a friend's home where heat and power are available.

  • When power is restored, power levels can vary and can damage electrical appliances. Turn off the lights and appliances and keep one lamp on so you know when the power is restored. Wait at least 15 minutes before turning on remaining appliances.

  • People who depend on electrical equipment to treat a health problem should have a plan in advance of a power outage and register with the local utility. The utility should make them a top priority for power restoration.

  • A fully loaded refrigerator can keep food cold for about 6 hours after the power goes out - keep the doors closed as much as possible. A fully loaded freezer can keep food frozen for about 2 days.

  • Never get near any fallen or sagging power lines - call the utility company to report it.
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