HAZMAT team, disaster rescue, deep-rescue training

Office Disaster Plan

Tips for Disaster Situations

  • Become informed about the type of natural and man-made disasters that could impact your business.

  • Appoint a crisis manager; make sure employees have that person's contact information.

  • Implement an emergency planning and crisis management team. The team will be responsible for creating and implementing a plan.

  • Plan to coordinate with other businesses in your building or complex - work together on evacuation routes to avoid congestion.

  • Create and communicate an evacuation plan and warning system to employees.

  • Create a shelter-in-place plan.

  • Talk to co-workers about what supplies they should store at the office and what supplies the company will provide in case everyone is forced to remain on site.

  • Back up important records including a copy of insurance policies, bank account records, and computer records - store them in safe places both onsite and offsite.

  • Create a plan in case accounting and payroll records are destroyed.

  • Create a list of employee contact information and emergency contact information.

  • Plan a back up office location in case your offices are destroyed.

  • Review the plan annually and update accordingly.
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