Career Information

Gathering the right information to make an informed decision is an important step in the career planning process. Don't assume you know all about a particular occupation. Many have been disappointed when they entered the working world to discover what they thought they would be doing wasn't accurate. Society is also changing at such a fast pace you don't want to be left behind in the career you have chosen.

So if you:

  • Do you have an occupation in mind and would like to further research?
  • Do you want to compare some occupations finding the right one for you?
  • Are you just starting to research occupations and need information?

A lot of material is available. Check out the following books, magazines, and websites.


- The Three Big Books

  • The Occupational Information Network (O*NET)
    The O*NET database and related products will help millions of employers, workers, educators, and students make informed decisions about education, training, career choices, and work. The O*NET Project is administered and sponsored by the US Department of Labor's Employment and Training Administration. The O*NET is also available online at
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)
    The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. The Handbook is revised every two years. The OOH is also available online at
  • The Guide for Occupational Exploration (GOE)
    The GOE is intended to assist with occupational exploration and decision making. Its purpose is to provide readily understandable and useful information about fields of work with which career decision makers can match their own interests and abilities.