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Deferred Payment Plan

The Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) offers eligible students the opportunity to defer payment of tuition and fees over a four-month period for fall and spring semesters and a three month period for summer semester. The student will be allowed one payment plan each semester. A $25 non-refundable Payment Option Fee is assessed to each participant each semester.

Please Note:
If you are a Veteran, please contact your Veterans Representative before filling out the Deferred Payment Plan.

Tuition and fees covered by the plan include...

  • Instructional
  • General
  • Laboratory
  • Non-General

Criteria for Owens Community College students to be eligible for the plan:

  • Student is 18 years of age
  • Good financial standing with Owens (no financial hold or delinquency)
  • Good academic standing with Owens (no academic dismissal or probation)

A co-signer may participate in the plan with a student who does not meet the eligibility requirements. Students who receive financial aid may also be eligible for the DPP.

Monthly Payment:

A $30 late payment charge will be assessed for each installment payment and tuition increase not paid in full on or before the due date.

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