Free Classes for Buckeye Broadband High Speed Internet Subscribers

Level 2 Class Overview

This free seminar is provided by Owens Community College to Buckeye Broadband subscribers.

  • Hands on, held in a computer lab (we supply the computer)
  • 90 minutes in length, held on Saturday mornings
  • Continuation of Internet Basics Level 1 class
  • Held at Fire Science & Law Enforcement Building on Biniker Road, Perrysburg Township
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  • Key topics - e-mail file attachments, Spam control, Cookies, Address Book

The 90 minute session is a continuation of the Level 1 seminar.


  • Basic mouse, keyboard, and Microsoft Windows skills
  • Attendance in Level 1 class (or equivalent skills)
  • Please bring your Primary Buckeye Broadband account password to class if you wish to participate in the Membership Services lesson. (Call Buckeye support at 419-724-9800 for assistance with password issues).


  • The purposes and dangers of e-mail file attachments
  • Learning to assess virus risk by analyzing file attachment extensions
  • The three-layer strategy for avoiding viruses
  • Dealing with uncooperative file attachments
  • Understanding browser history and cookies - dangers and myths
  • Tips for addressing messages properly
  • Smart setup of your e-mail Address Book
  • Pros and cons of using Mail Client Software and Buckeye WebMail
  • Blocking unwanted e-mails and assuring messages from friends are delivered

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