Free Classes for Buckeye Broadband High Speed Internet Subscribers

Level 1 Class Overview

This seminar is provided by Owens Community College to Buckeye Broadband subscribers.

  • Hands on, held in a computer lab (we supply the computer)
  • 90 minutes in length, held on Saturday mornings
  • Brief introduction to the Internet
  • Held at Fire Science & Law Enforcement Building on Biniker Road, Perrysburg Township
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  • Key topics - Web browsing and e-mail basics

The 90 minute session serves as a brief introduction to the Internet, focusing on the most commonly needed skills for browsing the web and sending email.

What you should know before you attend:

  • Basic use of the mouse and keyboard for a Windows-compatible computer
  • Basic Microsoft Windows skills: navigating the Start Menu, how the taskbar along the bottom of the screen works, know how and when to double click.

Topics covered:

  • Understanding the various items required for your Internet connection to work
  • Introduction to Internet Explorer as your Web browser
  • How the Web is designed to work - key terminology
  • Home Page - understanding its two definitions; changing your Home Page
  • Adding and deleting IE Favorites, using the AutoComplete feature
  • Quick introduction to search engines
  • Choosing a method for your e-mail: Web-based vs. Mail Client Software
  • Sending/receiving messages using Mail Client Software
  • Brief discussion of file attachments and virus risks

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