Process Management

Summer Semester 2007

The Steering Committee identified five subject processes to be considered, and selected "Champions" for each team. The Champions, in turn, recruited team members from all employee groups across both campuses.

Each team meets regularly throughout the semester with the Process Management consultant who provides formal training in Process Management techniques. The teams also meet regularly on their own, to 1) narrow the topic to a project statement with attainable goals; 2) to review processes and collect data; 3) to recommend improvements to those processes; and 4) to identify measurable outcomes.

Each team presents their findings and recommendations to the Process Management Steering Committee at the end of the semester. During the following semester, each team will work on implementing the approved recommendations and will make periodic progress reports to the Steering Committee. Each semester, the cycle begins again with the Steering Committee identifying more potential areas for improvement, selecting champions and building teams.

The projects tie directly into the College's accreditation process, known as AQIP, Academic Quality Improvement Program. The Higher Learning Commission will evaluate the College's effectiveness by drawing upon our Mission, Vision and processes. The process management projects align with the AQIP focuses of students' learning experiences, leading and communicating, valuing people, supporting institutional operations, planning continuous improvements and building collaborative relationships.

Project Statements

The following are the project statements developed by each team:

Documenting and Archiving the College's History: "To improve the management of Owens Community College's historical archives process as measured by identifying, organizing, and preserving historical artifacts. The proposed process should decrease duplication of efforts, improve retention of significant artifacts, and improve access."

Grant Administration Process: "To establish a College-wide Grants Process that will identify pre-application, authorization and post administration procedures. Success will be measured by the number of grants that follow the developed process and an increased awareness of the roles, responsibilities and benefits of grant participation."

Information Systems Independent Audit: "To improve the College's current information support system by assessing organizational structure, stability, efficiency, including future capabilities and needs by setting the parameters for an independent audit, designed with the intention of utilizing an auditor's expertise to provide a meaningful vision of the College's future."

Student Drops and Accounts Receivable Expectations: "To improve the tuition payment process and the financial drop process so that students are more likely to maintain a sound financial and academic credit history."

Technology Committee Redesign: "To research technology committees at other colleges, to review our technology committee membership and purpose and offer recommendations for committee redesign as measured by improved information flow and satisfaction of stakeholders."

--Process Management Initiative, Summer 2007 Recommendations

Team Members

Documenting and Archiving the College's History
Gail McCain, Champion Manager Library Findlay campus
Matthew Farthing, Scribe Librarian Library Findlay campus
Jennifer Howard Coordinator, Special Events President's Office
Karen Koke Secretary Marketing and Communications
Laurene Markis, Leader Division Secretary Library
Tom Sink Dean Library
Kaye Koevenig Senior Accountant Finance
Kathy Birthisel Specialist Accounts Payable
Grant Administration Process
Pat Smith, Champion Senior Accountant Finance
Jody Angelone Coordinator NW ABLE Resource Center
Heidi Altomare, Leader Coordinator Grant Program
Barb Rardin, Scribe Specialist Human Resource Information
Mark Karamol Division Director E-Learning
Marsha Kujawa Coordinator Enterprise Ohio Marketing Resource
Kelly Card-Schulte Account Representative Workforce and Community Services
Information Systems Independent Audit
Pat Jezak, Co-Champion Director, College Communications President's Office
Brent Wickham, Co-Champion Chair School of Business
Tom Perin Management Analyst/Planner Institutional Research, Planning & Grants
Bill Schmoekel Director Information Technology Services
Laurie Sabin, Leader Director Finance
Kris Holland, Scribe Secretary Vice President for Administration
Max Baumgartner Chair Physical Therapy Assistant Program
Darla Johannsen Faculty OAD Adm (Findlay)
Student Drops and Accounts Receivable Expectations
Bill Ivoska, Co-Champion Vice President Student Services
Brian Paskvan, Co-Champion Vice President Administration
Lucie Shetzer, Scribe Faculty Communications/Humanities
Chris Bauerschmidt Director Business Services/Bursar
Cindy Eschedor, Leader Assistant Registrar Information Processing
Janell Lang Dean School of Health Sciences
Denise Shuster Faculty Soc & Behavioral Sciences Findlay campus
Technology Committee Redesign
Betsy Johnson, Champion Director Financial Aid
Sarah Metzger Executive Assistant President's Office
Deb Rathke, Leader Director Institutional Research Planning & Grants
Louise Estep Senior Administrative Coordinator Findlay campus
Mazhar Anik, Scribe Chair Information Technology
Matthew Lewis Assistant Director Systems Development
Bill Powell Faculty Dietetic/HRI