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Process Management

Spring Semester 2008

The Steering Committee identified Educating Faculty in the use of Technology as a process to be considered, and selected Ruby White to act as "Champion" for the team. Ruby, in turn, recruited team members from all employee groups across both campuses.

The team met regularly throughout the semester with the Process Management consultant who provides formal training in Process Management techniques. The team also met regularly on their own, to 1) narrow the topic to a project statement with attainable goals; 2) to review processes and collect data; 3) to recommend improvements to those processes; and 4) to identify measurable outcomes.

The team presented their findings and recommendations to the Process Management Steering Committee at the end of the spring semester. During the following semester, the team will work on implementing the approved recommendations and will make periodic progress reports to the Steering Committee. Each semester, the cycle begins again with the Steering Committee identifying more potential areas for improvement, selecting champions and building teams.

The projects tie directly into the College's accreditation process, known as AQIP, Academic Quality Improvement Program. The Higher Learning Commission will evaluate the College's effectiveness by drawing upon our Mission, Vision and processes. The process management projects align with the AQIP focuses of students' learning experiences, leading and communicating, valuing people, supporting institutional operations, planning continuous improvements and building collaborative relationships.

Project Statement

Educating Faculty in Technology Initiative: "The purpose of the committee is to improve faculty technical support, as measured by the number of faculty using technology, attendance at training sessions, administrative support, and survey (to be administered after directives are in place). "

Team Members

Educating Faculty in Technology Initiative
Ruby White - Champion Faculty Math & Life/Natural Sciences
Amanda Dominique - Team Leader Instructional Designer Library
Jo Harmon - Scribe Institutional Research Associate Institutional Research
John Abel Technician, Computer Labs Information Technology Services
Kristine Flickinger Faculty Surgical Technologies
Albert King Adjunct Faculty, Learning Center Math & Life/Natural Sciences
Tinola Mayfield Adjunct Faculty Social & Behavioral Sciences
Cathy Meadows Adjunct Faculty Communications/Humanities
Tara Schmoekel Academic Laboratory Technician Math & Life/Natural Sciences
Laura Schuster Faculty, CIS/OAD Administration Information Systems
Lucille Shetzer Faculty Communications/Humanities
Susan Welling Teaching Associate, Medical Imaging Medical Imaging

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