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Process Management

Fall Semester 2010

The Steering Committee identified four subject processes to be considered, and selected "Champions" for each team. The Champions, in turn, recruited team members from all employee groups across both campuses.

Each team meets regularly throughout the semester with the Process Management consultant who provides formal training in Process Management techniques. The teams also meet regularly on their own, to 1) narrow the topic to a project statement with attainable goals; 2) to review processes and collect data; 3) to recommend improvements to those processes; and 4) to identify measurable outcomes.

Each team presents their findings and recommendations to the Process Management Steering Committee at the end of the semester. During the following semester, each team will work on implementing the approved recommendations and will make periodic progress reports to the Steering Committee. Each semester, the cycle begins again with the Steering Committee identifying more potential areas for improvement, selecting champions and building teams.

The projects tie directly into the College's accreditation process, known as AQIP, Academic Quality Improvement Program. The Higher Learning Commission will evaluate the College's effectiveness by drawing upon our Mission, Vision and processes. The process management projects align with the AQIP focuses of students' learning experiences, leading and communicating, valuing people, supporting institutional operations, planning continuous improvements and building collaborative relationships.

Project Statements

The following are the project statements developed by each team:

Foundations of Excellence - First Year Philosophy: "To develop a comprehensive statement of philosophy and learning goals for Owens' first-year students."

Foundations of Excellence - Student Activities : "To develop a plan for measuring learning within co-curricular student activities to improve the student educational experience."

Foundations of Excellence - Mental Health Services: "Assess the current state, opportunities, and challenges regarding student psychological safety on campus."

Foundations of Excellence - Student Communications: "To develop a comprehensive, integrated communication model that maximizes the coordination and delivery of information and services to first-year students, from enrollment through their first 30 credit hours, and the college community that supports them."

Team Members

First Year Philosophy
Patrick Dymarkowski, Trainer and Champion    
Jacquelyn Jones Program Manager Bridge to Success Program
Lauren Ferguson Director First Year Experience
Marshel Houston Manager New Student Orientation
Christine Shaal Advisor E-Services
Douglas Bullimore Assistant Director Transfer Partnerships
Marie Vasquez-Brooks Chair Allied Health
Student Activities
Angela McGinnis, Champion/Trainer Director Advising
James Katzner, Co-Team Leader Manager Student Activities and Conduct
Karen Shultz, Co-Team Leader Manager Testing Services
Denise Shuster, Scribe Chair Social/Behavioral Sciences
Deborah Gavlik Director International Programs and Services
Lynn Hoehn Coordinator Job Location and Development
Douglas Mead Chair Fine and Performing Arts
Stefanie Orians Admissions Representative  
Mental Health Services
Michael McDonald, Team Leader Associate Vice President Operations
Pamela Chibucos Professor Teacher Education & Human Services
Janet Crawford Success Mentor  
Christopher Giordano Dean Student Life
Jacqueline Haskins Professor Social & Behavioral Sciences
Jeannette Passmore Success Mentor  
Charles Campbell, Team Champion Student Success Advocate Office of Student Success
Student Communications
Abby Baumhardt, Team Leader HR Specialist Human Resources
Jodie Birch Asst. Director Student Accounts
Sarah Householder Coordinator, Communications Marketing & Communications
Jennifer Irelan Director Enrollment Services
Mark Karamol Director E-Learning
Marc Levy, Facilitator Director HR Mgmt. & Development;
Jeanette Passmore, Scribe Adjunct Faculty Member  
Shelby Pierce Chair English

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