Process Management

Fall Semester 2007

The Steering Committee identified five subject processes to be considered, and selected "Champions" for each team. The Champions, in turn, recruited team members from all employee groups across both campuses.

Each team meets regularly throughout the semester with the Process Management consultant who provides formal training in Process Management techniques. The teams also meet regularly on their own, to 1) narrow the topic to a project statement with attainable goals; 2) to review processes and collect data; 3) to recommend improvements to those processes; and 4) to identify measurable outcomes.

Each team presents their findings and recommendations to the Process Management Steering Committee at the end of the semester. During the following semester, each team will work on implementing the approved recommendations and will make periodic progress reports to the Steering Committee. Each semester, the cycle begins again with the Steering Committee identifying more potential areas for improvement, selecting champions and building teams.

The projects tie directly into the College's accreditation process, known as AQIP, Academic Quality Improvement Program. The Higher Learning Commission will evaluate the College's effectiveness by drawing upon our Mission, Vision and processes. The process management projects align with the AQIP focuses of students' learning experiences, leading and communicating, valuing people, supporting institutional operations, planning continuous improvements and building collaborative relationships.

Project Statements

The following are the project statements developed by each team:

Employee ID System: "To improve student and employee identification process as measured by security, service, uniformity, cost and sustainability."

First Impressions/Customer Service: "To improve customer service at Owens Community College as measured by:

  • Training for employees in customer service processes and skills.
  • Improved campus signage especially aimed at first time visitors.
  • Feedback survey methods
  • Customer comment cards
  • Focus Groups
  • Internal auditing process (mystery shoppers)"

Recruiting & Retaining Adjunct Faculty: "Improve retention of adjunct faculty by improving the professional environment as measured by:

  • Communications
  • Professional Development
  • Salary and Benefits
  • Working conditions (including scheduling of sections)"

Serving Students: "This project aligns with the Owens Community College Strategic Plan for "Focus on Student Success". Focusing on direct communication with the students during the first few days of the semester will ensure the ability of students to understand the process of becoming successful academically. This project will examine ways to disseminate information and to serve students better by making a positive connection. Establishing a strong student connection with the college the first few days of class will ensure student success and retention."

Wellness: "To promote a healthy lifestyle, as measured by increased awareness and utilization of current college resources."

Team Members

Employee ID System
Mark Schanke, Co-Champion Security Officer Security
Gary Corrigan, Co-Champion Director Marketing & Communications
Shawn Gurzynski Programmer/Analyst Information Technology Services
Amy Rehard, Scribe Specialist, Billing Business Services
David Shaffer, Leader Cashier, Bursar's Office Business Services
Amy Holmes Secretary to the Vice President of Human Resources Human Resources
Barb Rardin Specialist, Human Resource Information Compensation/Benefits
First Impressions
Joanne Juan, Champion Secretary to the Vice President of Student Services Student Services
Marc Levy Director, Organizational Development and Performance Human Resources
Chip Campbell, Leader Student Retention Advocate Academic Enhan/Stdt Res Ctr
Robin Baranski Specialist Financial Aid
Belinda Barr Administrative Assistant, Performance Management Human Resources
Ann Savage Executive Director Fund Development President College Foundation Fund Development
Sarah Householder, Scribe Coordinator, Communications Marketing & Communications
Recruiting & Retaining Adjunct Faculty
Brent Wickham, Champion Chair School of Business
Cheryl Krakow, Scribe Director of Teaching & Learning Success Center School of Arts and Sciences
Cathy Ford Chair Medical Imaging
Karen Wehman Assistant Chair Nursing
Sharon Libby, Leader Assistant Chair Teacher Education
Emilee Whetstone Part-Time Coordinator Weekend Classes
Carol McKee Administrative Assistant Human Resources
Serving Students
Judy Ennis, Co-Champion Executive Dean  
Jane Doty, Co-Champion Secretary Enrollment Services
Judy Bihn, Co-Leader Specialist, Student Information Support Systems Records
Jim Slosser Computer Technician Information Technology Services
Jody Hertel, Scribe Testing Center Assistant Enrollment Services
Catherine Kelly-Lopez Supervisor, Computer Labs Information Technology Services
Lynda Hoffman Manager, Writing Center Writing Center
Lorena Baird, Co-Leader Student Outreach Specialist Enrollment Services
Jennifer Padron Student Worker Records
Tonya Roof Student Worker Fitness Center & Science Labs
Cynthia Eschenburg, Co-Champion Associate Vice President, Human Resources Human Resources
Sarah Metzger, Co-Champion Communications Manager Fund Development
Ken Scheurman, Scribe Deputy Chief Security
Mike Rickard , Leader Athletics Director Student Enrichment & Athletics
Mike Bankey Vice President, Workforce & Community Service Workforce & Community Service
Derek Lentz SHAC Facility Supervisor Business services
Jamie Taylor Needs Coordinator Nursing
Tammy Dean Information Systems Administrator Enrollment Services
Traci Kish Benefits Specialist Human Resources
Tina Roby Secretary School of Arts & Sciences