Process Management

Fall Semester 2006

The Steering Committee identified 5 subject processes to be considered and selected "Champions" for each team. The Champions, in turn, recruited team members from all employee groups and both campuses.

Each Process Management Team meets regularly throughout the semester with the Process Management consultant who provides formal training in Process Management techniques. The teams also meet regularly on their own, to 1) narrow the topic into a project statement with attainable goals; 2) to review processes and collect data; 3) to recommend improvements to those processes; and 4) to identify measurable outcomes.

Each Team presents their findings and recommendations to the Process Management Steering Committee at the end of the semester. During the following semester, each Process Management Team will begin work on implementing the approved recommendations and will make periodic progress reports to the Steering Committee. Each semester, the cycle begins again with the Steering Committee identifying more potential areas for improvement, selecting champions and building teams.

The process management projects directly tie into the College's accreditation process, known as AQIP, Academic Quality Improvement Program. The Higher Learning Commission will evaluate the College's effectiveness by drawing upon our Mission, Vision and processes. The process management projects align with the AQIP focuses of students' learning experiences, leading and communicating, valuing people, supporting institutional operations, planning continuous improvements and building collaborative relationships.

Project Statements

The following are the project statements developed by each team:

Search Committee Training: "To improve search committee training through consistent and comprehensive procedures as measured by legal compliance and awareness of roles and responsibilities."

Job Contingency Planning: "To develop an effective job contingency preparedness process, measured by documented job priority responsibilities, as identified by individual and departmental consultation."

Succession Planning: "To ensure continuity of quality service to students by developing and implementing a succession planning process as measured by 1) an increased preparedness and proficiency of successors/leaders; 2) a greater body of knowledge retained; and 3) a reduction in gaps in services."

Armed Forces Credits: "To improve opportunities for veterans to be awarded credit for skills learned in the armed forces, as measured by higher number of credit hours awarded, recruiting additional veteran students and saving students' money while enrolling."

Career Placement/Internships: "To improve the co-op and technical field experience processes, as measured by staffing, data tools, clear, coordinated requirements, and increased student and industry involvement."

Team Members

Search Committee Training
Connie Buhr
Director, Corporate Education Workforce and Community Services
Cynthia Eschenburg
Associate Vice President Human Resources
Jenny Northrup Specialist, Employment Human Resources
Suzanne Schwarck Associate Director, Financial Aid Student Services
Erv Failor Journeyman Maintenance Specialist Buildings and Grounds
Rhonda Hogrefe Account Representative Workforce and Community Services
Stefanie Orians Enrollment Services Representative Findlay Campus
Sandy Taylor Secretary, Financial Aid Office Findlay Campus
Holly Barber Audio Visual Technician Audio Visual Services
Job Contingency Planning
Joanne Juan
Secretary to Vice President of Student Services Student Services
Dave Basich
Associate Vice President Business Affairs
Mari Pressnel Specialist, Financial Aid Office Student Services
Eric Wallack Chair, Fine and Performing Arts School of Arts and Sciences
Beverly Beach Secretary Business Services
Jayne Sakelaris Construction Specialist Business Affairs
Darlene Torda Secretary, Dean and Vice President, Academic Services Academic Services
Succession Planning
Sharon Stein
Librarian, Reference Library
Pat Jezak
Director, College Communication President's Office
Kim Cook
Team Leader
Manager, Workman's Comp./Employee Rel./Immigration Human Resources
Natalie Jackson
Team Scribe
Presidential Fellow President's Office
Brent Wickham Chair, School of Business and Information Technology Findlay Campus
Terry Sherman Coordinator, Skilled Trades Training Workforce and Community Services, Findlay Campus
Maureen Jacoby Cash/Investments Manager Business Affairs
Armed Forces Credits
Michele Johnson
Faculty, Law Enforcement School of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Dawn Wetmore
Dean, Academic Services Academic Services
Martha Morrissey
Team Leader
Assistant Registrar, Records Office Student Services
Tracy Egert
Team Scribe
Secretary President's Office/Government and Community Relations
Kelly Card-Schulte Account Representative Workforce and Community Services
Steve Hillard Director, Corporate and Community Education Findlay Campus
Gary Ulrich Representative, Financial Aid Findlay Campus
Pearl Manion Clinical Teaching Associate, Nursing School of Health Sciences
Joanne DeCant Veterans Services Representative Student Services
Career Placement/Internships
Bill Schmoekel
Director, ITS Information Technology Services
Carol Russell
Faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences School of Arts and Sciences
Cleveland Henderson Jr.
Team Leader
Presidential Fellow President's Office
Lynn Hoehn
Team Scribe
Coordinator, JLD, Financial Aid Student Services
Terry Johnson Faculty, Criminal Justice School of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Eric Duling Faculty, Design Technologies, School of Technology Findlay Campus
Tom Marshall Faculty, Marketing and Management, School of Business and Information Technology Findlay Campus
Barb DiNardo Faculty, Marketing and Management School of Business and Information Technology
Denise Pheils Faculty, E-Business School of Business and Information Technology