Process Management

Fall Semester 2005

In September 2005, the College embarked upon the Process Management initiative, in which teams representing all areas of the College worked on a number of projects to streamline and improve processes. The Steering Committee identified 10 subject areas to be considered and selected "Champions" for those areas. The Champions, in turn, recruited team members from all employee groups and both campuses.

Each Process Management Team met regularly throughout the fall semester with the Process Management consultant who provided formal training in Process Management techniques. They also met regularly on their own, to 1) narrow the topic into a project statement with attainable goals for the Fall Semester; 2) to review processes and 3) to propose improvements to those processes.

Each Team presented their findings and recommendations to the Process Management Steering Committee in December 2005. Of the 101 recommendations provided for the Steering Committee's consideration 73 will be implemented in Spring 2006 and another 24 will be studied further before a final decision is made with respect to implementation. During the Spring Semester, each Process Management Team will begin work on implementing these recommendations and will make periodic progress reports to the Steering Committee. Also during the Spring Semester, the Steering Committee will begin working with a new set of teams to identify other potential areas for improvement.

Project Statements

The following are the project statements developed by each team:

HR Processes - Search Committee Hiring Process: "To improve the search committee portion of the hiring process as measured by consistent composition and training."

Purchasing: "To improve the purchasing process as measured by shortening acquisition time and increasing employee knowledge and success in the process."

Budget: "To improve budget allocation of resources as measured by 1) alignment with strategic planning; 2) efficient access; 3) clear input from constituents; 4) satisfaction of process."

Space Management Program: "To improve the process of space management by establishing procedures to assign, move and renovate space through qualitative facility measures and development of control measures."

Staff Training - Part-time Faculty Training & Development: "To improve the part-time faculty training process as measured by survey of new and continuing part-time faculty, assessment of needs and part-time faculty retention and job satisfaction."

Student Retention: "To improve retention of students who have not earned a high school diploma or GED, by coordinating efforts between ABLE and Enrollment Services to ensure proper placement, as measured by the successful completion of "Transition to College" Program."

New Employee Orientation Program: "To improve the new employee orientation process at all levels as measured by employee satisfaction, supervisor satisfaction, and employee retention."

Culture: "To improve our culture through assessment of increased communication and implementation of our Mission and Vision Statements and Core Values as measured by increased awareness, communication, and implementation of the Mission, Vision and Core Values into our daily practices."

Automation of Course Inventory Process: "To improve academic information processing as measured by improved accuracy, cost savings and time savings (usage)."

Student Orientation: "To improve orientation process as measured by 1) improved retention and 2) utilization of resources on campus."

Team Members

New Employee Orientation Program
Myrna Howells-DeAustria, Champion Dean, School of Business Info Technologies School of Business and Information Technology
Chuck Bohleke, Leader Chair, Business Technologies School of Business and Information Technology
Amanda Dominique eOwens, Inst. Designer Audio/Visual Services
Louise Estep Senior Administrative Coordinator, Findlay Executive Dean's Office, Findlay
Tom Passero Faculty, Business Management School of Business and Information Technology
Teresa McGaharan Faculty, Health Information Management School of Health Services
Student Orientation
Carol Russell, Champion Faculty, Social and Behavioral Sciences Social and Behavioral Sciences
Nancy Emrick, Leader Manager, Library Services Library Services
Denise Pheils Faculty, E-Business Academic Services Division
Linda Brinkman, Scribe Administrative Assistant, Executive Dean's Office Findlay Campus
Marshel Houston Representative, Enrollment Services Student Services
James Kwasniak Faculty, Dental Hygiene School of Health Services
Kita Graham OPEN Program Coordinator Student Services
Student Retention
Linda Stacy, Champion Special Assistant for Community Relations President's Office
Debra Morris Records Specialist, NW ABLE Grant Workforce & Community Services
Edward Willis Director, Academic Enhancement & Middle College Student Services
Debra Pinkston, Leader Faculty, Developmental Education School of Arts and Sciences
Joseph Carone Representative, Enrollment Services Enrollment Services
Phillip Paskvan Half-Time, ABLE Instructional Coordinator Workforce & Community Services
Patrick Dymarkowski Representative, Enrollment Services Findlay Campus
Space Management Program
Tom Horrall, Champion Management Analyst / Planner Institutional Research, Planning & Grants
Pat Jezak, Scribe Senior Administrative Coordinator Business Affairs
Tim Keller, Leader Presidential Fellow President's Office
John Aleksander Director Buildings & Grounds
Alan Bethea Faculty, Design Technologies School of Technology
Rose Kuceyeski Faculty, Admin Information Technologies School of Business and Information Technology
Julee Cope Chief of Security Security
Jim Mahaney Manager, Maintenance Services Buildings & Grounds
Automation of Course Inventory Process
Dawn Wetmore, Champion Associate Dean Academic Services
Zia Rahman Database Administrator Information Technology Services
Deb Richey, Leader Faculty, Communications & Humanities School of Arts and Sciences
Debra Rathke Director, Institutional Research, Planning & Grants Institutional Research
Gregory Brown Computer Analyst Information Technology Services
Jennifer York Registrar Records Office
Randy Wharton Chair, Design Technologies School of Technology
Gene Burson Manager, Programming Information Technology Services
Kim Cook Administrative Coordinator Office of the Registrar
Daxesh Modi Database Administrator Information Technology Services
Part-time Faculty Training & Development
Sarah Metzger, Co-Champion Senior Administrative Coordinator Office of the President
Joanne Juan, Co-Champion Secretary to the Vice President Student Services
Rob Gearhart Journeyman Maintenance Specialist Buildings & Grounds
Kim Minke Faculty, Social & Behavioral Sciences School of Arts and Sciences
Carol McKee Administrative Assistant, Human Resources Findlay Campus
Lesta Mizer Supervisor Copy/Mail Center, Auxiliary Services
Shannon Cooch, Leader Part-time Representative International Student Services
Linda Snyder, Scribe Secretary to the Provost Academic Services
Dave Matheny, Co-Champion Faculty, Transportation Technologies School of Technology
Sarah Metzger, Co-Champion Senior Administrative Coordinator Office of the President
Verne Walker, Scribe Director, Student Services Findlay Campus
Laura Moore, Leader Manager, Alumni Affairs Foundation Office
Shelby Pierce Chair, Communications/Humanities School of Arts and Sciences
Sharon Stein, Scribe Librarian, Reference Library Library
Gentry Dixon Coordinator, Student and Alumni Placement Academic Enhancement/Counseling
Elizabeth Tronolone Chair, Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene
Jeff Hardesty Faculty, Supv. and Business Management School of Business and Information Technology
HR Processes - Search Committee Hiring Process
Bill Ivoska, Champion Vice President, Student Services Student Services
Tekla Madaras Chair, Dietetic/Hotel/Rest./Institution Technology School of Health Services
Donna Gruber, Leader Director, Enrollment Services Student Services
Darla Johannsen Faculty, Admin. Information Technologies Findlay Campus
Sara Wilgus, Scribe Account Clerk Child Care Center
Michele Johnson, Co-Champion Faculty, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, Fire & Emergency School of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Bill Schmoekel, Co-Champion Director, Information Technology Services Information Technology Services
Linda Haas Secretary School of Public Safety & Emergency Preparedness
Cheryle Miller Associate Registrar Records Office
Gail Swartz, Leader Purchasing Agent Business Affairs
Jennifer Artressia Supervisor, Business Services Findlay Campus
Becky Drayton Assistant Manager, Bookstore (Toledo) Bookstore - Toledo
Bonnie Hemp Chair, Health Information Management Tech. Program School of Health Services
Hod Doering, Champion Faculty, CIS/OAD Administration School of Business & Information Technology
Lyn Snyder, Leader Faculty, CIS/OAD Administration School of Business & Information Technology
Dan Clark Faculty, Marketing/Management School of Business & Information Technology
Linda Brown, Scribe Secretary School of Business & Information Technology