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Process Management

Budget Committee

As proposed by the Fall 2005 Budget Process Management team and approved by the Process Management Steering Committee, the Budget Committee will serve in an advisory capacity and will report directly to the President.

The Committee will be charged with looking at, among other things: 1) defining how the budget is established and the methodology in place; 2) defining where the majority of the College's dollars are spent and any controlling factors; 3) determining whether additional prioritizing of spending may be necessary; 4) recommending a structure to allow more input from budget authorities; 5) researching alternative sources of revenue; 6) providing training and appointing an accounting/budget liaison to help budget authorities understand procedures and controls; 7) coordinating/aligning prior year budgets with current year budgets; 8) producing budget progress reports that are more easily understood by users.

The Budget Committee will be chaired by Bruce Busby and will include the following members: Paul Adams, Carol Buser, Deb Ciecka, Vicki Henery, Kaye Koevenig, Don Rahman, Susanne Schwarck, and Siva Sakthivel. In order to provide a link between the Process Management team that originally looked at the budget process, Hod Doering, champion of the team, has agreed to serve as a resource for the Committee, as has Dave Basich.

As the Committee defines its mission and vision and begins its work, periodic progress reports will be made available to the College community.

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