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The AQIP Overview of Quality Management (Includes prior Process Management initiatives)

Adjunct Faculty Training and Development Team ~ The Faculty Development Committee has enhanced training opportunities for adjunct faculty during Opening Week and throughout the semester. Also recommended, Human Resources has created an electronic handbook for all employees to reference on its Intranet homepage. Check it out! https://www.owens.edu/direct/hr/ehandbook/index.html The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa05_stafftraining_final.pdf

Adjunct Faculty, Recruiting and Retaining Team ~ The adoption of the term "Adjunct" replacing the words part-time faculty in all printing has been accomplished. The development of in-service training for adjuncts, new adjunct informational packet, on-line inclusive handbook for adjuncts, and a task force to study benefit possibilities for adjuncts has been developed. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa07_adjunctretention_final.pdf

Armed Forces (Military) Credit Team ~ A procedure has been created and communicated to evaluate transcripts from the Armed Forces in order to grant credit and recruit veterans. An advisory committee was formed with armed forces and university representatives. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa06_veteran_credit.pdf and https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa06_veteran_final.pdf

Budget Team ~ The Budget Advisory Council has been established and meets on a regular basis due to the efforts of the Budget quality team. The budget is being aligned with strategic initiatives and is more transparent. Learn more from the webpage on the Intranet: https://intranet.owens.edu/committees/budget_advisory/index.htm The team's report is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa05_budget_final.pdf

Career Placement ~ As a result of the Career Placement quality team, Career Services now has an enhanced plan and procedure manual to allow them to work with employers to establish co-op opportunities for students and provide technical field expertise. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa06_career_enhancement_programs.pdf and https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa06_career_enhancement_final.pdf

Communications Team ~ The EGEN's (college-wide general emails) were eliminated and an online Bulletin Board was launched on the Intranet. https://intranet.owens.edu/bulletin_board/ In addition, Marketing and Communications launched ONEWS, a daily email with news and information current to higher education and the College. The team's final report is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/sp06_communications_final.pdf

Course Inventory Process Team ~ ITS is working on automating the course inventory sheets (green sheets). Joe Inman is developing, testing and will put into production techniques on HTML Email and Banner. This is now a part of AQIP Action Project 3-A and was retired with the status completed as stated in March of 2009. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa05_course_inventory_process_automation.pdf

Culture Committee Team ~ Awareness and use of our Mission, Vision and Core Values have been incorporated into our daily-activities and included in Human Resources' new employee orientations as a result of the work of our Culture quality team. The team's final report is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa05_culture_exec.pdf

Documenting and Archiving the College's History ~ Through the work of our Documenting and Archiving the College's History quality team, a central archive was approved to be a part of Library Services. The Library has developed instructions and training for departmental contacts to contribute to the archive. An online digital archive system is also available through OhioLink for the College. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/su07_archive_proposal.pdf, and the final report is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa06_career_enhancement_final.pdf

Educating Faculty in the Use of Technology ~ Because of this quality team, the School of Teaching and Learning has assumed the responsibility of Faculty training and provides enhanced in-service education as well as opening week training for faculty members. The team's report is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fac_tech_042308.pdf

Employee ID System ~ The team researched and developed new ideas for our employee ID system. The employee ID has been changed to reflect the new logo. Faculty and Staff have their picture in the upper left corner, while students, student workers, and temporary workers have their picture located in other areas of the ID to make distinct recognition easier. The team's report is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa07_employeeid.pdf and the final report is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa07_employeeid_08.pdf.

Faculty Advising and Mentoring ~ The team improved the College's advising and mentoring processes to better match advisors with students. Students are now assigned to a specific individual, who remains their advisor throughout their time at Owens. The team's report is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/sp06_faculty_advising_mentoring.pdf

First Impressions/Customer Service ~ The team recommended and the steering committee adopted and strongly supported a customer service training program. As a result of this team, in which HR took the initiative to implement, monthly training sessions are being held to train all new employees; all existing employees are invited to participate at their supervisor's discretion. These monthly sessions are two-hours emphasizing the importance of customer service to our employees. The team's report is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa07_impressions.pdf and the follow up is at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa07_impressions_pres.pdf

Foundations of Excellence ~ Team 1 is reviewing the development of a comprehensive philosophy statement addressing students in their first college year and establishment of learning goals specific to first-year students. A draft of this statement and planned outcomes have been devised.

Foundations of Excellence ~ Team 2 is reviewing placement procedures and pre-requisite requirements and articulate and measure learning goals for out-of-class activities. A Director of Service Learning has been hired to oversee this process. Additionally, recommendations and learning goals have been proposed.

Foundations of Excellence ~ Team 3 is reviewing ways to increase specific communications designed to meet the needs of first-year students, creating/developing an effective communication system with students and designing and implement an effective communication model. Channels of communication have been offered, including an online College catalog, a dedicated closed-circuit television station, and mandatory orientation for all new students.

Foundations of Excellence ~ Team 4 is reviewing ways the institution can expand offerings to meet the social, personal, and psychological needs of students. Currently, plans are being made to hire a Director of Student Mental Health Services to administer to students' well-being. A response guide for faculty and staff dealing with distressed persons has been written and posted to the College website. You can view it at the following location: https://www.owens.edu/conduct/facstaff.html

Grant Administration ~ The team developed a grant toolkit, created procedures, and guidelines to request and administer grants all of which they had placed on the Intranet. The toolkit includes templates for completing a grant application, tutorials, frequently asked questions, general information about the college, funding source Web sites, and a request for grant writing assistance forms all of which are located on the Grants webpage: https://intranet.owens.edu/ie/grants.html The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/su07_grant_report.pdf https://www.owens.edu/aqip/su07_grant_report08.pdf

Hiring Process ~ This Human Resources team simplified the process of hiring and made the PeopleAdmin system more user-friendly. The time-to-fill a position has dropped from an average of 100 days to an average of 69 days. Training dates for the hiring process are on the Intranet Training and Professional Development webpage: https://intranet.owens.edu/hr/training/?p=70 The team's final report is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/sp06_hiring_final.pdf

Independent Audit of ITS ~ This team researched and developed a series of ongoing systems and processes that will support AQIP Acton Projects 1 and 2, now and into the future. ITS is currently utilizing outside consultants as a result of this work to support theses systems and processes. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/su07_infosys_audit.pdf https://www.owens.edu/aqip/su07_infosys_final.pdf

Ineligible FTE Team ~ Business Affairs has compiled a team to explore options for reducing the number of students classified as ineligible. The team is currently training and compiling data from other colleges and universities.

Lights and Sirens Team ~ This quality team's focus is to promote emergency preparedness training through Owens Community College for fire personnel in the Findlay Campus service area. The team provided their report. The team recommendations were approved and forwarded to Workforce and Community Services for implementation. The report with recommendations is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa08_lights_report.pdf

New Employee Orientation ~ The team developed several improvements in the new employee orientation process. The employee handbook is now available on-line, which has cut down on processing times for new employee paperwork. New employees undergo an orientation session within their first month on the job. Monthly trainings are available in OZONE, GroupWise, Telephone Systems, Excel/PowerPoint, Blackboard, Banner and Customer Service. See the monthly schedule on the Intranet Training and Professional Development webpage: https://intranet.owens.edu/hr/training The team's final report is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa05_emporient_final.pdf

On-Campus Visitation Program ~ The team is concentrating on the promoting the WCS aspect of campus and their continuing education day courses. The team is currently provided their recommendations to the Quality Council, the council approved the recommendations and the team is in the process of implementing them. The team's report is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/on-campus-report.pdf

Performance Evaluation (Non-Union Employees) ~ A new performance evaluation form was created and implemented by the Human Resources team for non-bargaining unit employees. Human Resources is currently working toward a comprehensive performance management system with further implementations to be phased in during 2009 such as 360 degree feedback process and performance related merit system. https://intranet.owens.edu/hr/non_bargaining.html The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/sp06_performance_evals2.pdf

Personnel Contingency Planning ~ The team created a form for unplanned/emergency-type absences created and it is available through the Intranet, Human Resources-related forms: The Contingency Planning Job Priority Task List is available for supervisors to utilize: https://intranet.owens.edu/hr/forms/job_priority_tasklist.doc The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa06_personnel_contingency_final.pdf

Preparing Students for Web Based Courses team ~ The team is reviewing student's perceptions of Web courses, their strengths and areas for improvement. The team is currently receiving training in process management, and compiling their recommendations. The team champion will provide reports to the Quality Council during the coming months.

Printing Solutions Team ~ The team is compiling data from other colleges and universities in an effort to establish a "green" printing environment to reduce consumption of paper, ink and hardware through reducing the amount of printed material in the student computer labs. Since Summer 2010, students are limited to a restricted number of printed pages each semester and charged for each printed sheet after limit is reached.

Program Marketing Team ~ Targeted marketing is on-going and the Marketing and Communications staff works closely with the Schools, Workforce and Community Services and the Findlay Campus. In addition, the Career Focus magazine was introduced and is mailed three times a year. Check out all of the College's publications: https://www.owens.edu/marketing/publications.html and the team report is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/sp06_program_marketing_final.pdf

Purchasing ~ This team's efforts resulted in the Procurement Office being fully staffed, planning for training budget authorities is being developed. Monthly Banner training is now offered via the HR Training and Professional Development webpage: https://intranet.owens.edu/hr/training The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa05_purchasing.pdf

ROI (return on investment) ~ This team is reviewing the resources saved since the implementation of process management tools and AQIP processes placing dollar amounts in regards to saved personnel expenses, as well as tangible and non-tangible materials. A spreadsheet is being developed that shows team goals, tangible and intangible results, and questions/suggestions still needing to be pursued. You can view the spreadsheet using this link: << need to add link here >>

Search Committee Training ~ This Human Resources team has established training for employees interested in serving on Search Committees and the Hiring Process. The training is conducted monthly or as needed. See the schedule of training dates on the Intranet Training and Professional Development webpage: https://intranet.owens.edu/hr/training The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa06_search_committee_final.pdf

Serving Students Better ~ The team established the greeter program on the Toledo campus; the program had been utilized on the Findlay campus with great results. The program includes volunteers staffing information stations located throughout the campus. The stations have maps, frequently asked questions, and bookmarks containing important phone numbers. The team report is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa07_students.pdf and the final report is at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa07_students_final.pdf

Space Management ~ This team developed a Space Management Committee which meets regularly to plan and coordinate moves and renovations with Buildings and Grounds, Procurement, Telecommunications and ITS. A new position was created and a CAD/Property Management Coordinator was hired in December to assist in the development of a Master Facility Plan. The Space Management Committee is chaired by Tom Horrall, Capital Planner, in Business Affairs. The team's final report is located at https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa05_space_final.pdf

Student Communication ~ This team resulted in student clubs and organizations advancing with the assistance of John Byers, Coordinator of Student Activities. The handbook is now on-line: https://www.owens.edu/campus_life/handbook.html In addition, Marketing will be rolling out the introduction of "Red Boards" that will replace the messy bulletin boards and provide student information in an organized manner. The Findlay Campus has hired a Student Activities Representative. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/sp06_student_communication.pdf

Student Course Evaluations ~ Because of the efforts of this team, ITS created electronic formative classroom and web course evaluations. Since Fall 2007, these are sent directly to students' Ozone accounts. The change has resulted in a significant savings (printing forms, processing forms, and returning forms to instructor). The information the team gathered has been forwarded to the Academic Affairs Committee for further review. https://www.owens.edu/aqip/sp06_sdent_evaluations.pdf A new team has been created to continue the work of the fall 2007 team working towards implementing electronic evaluations.

Student Drops and Accounts Receivable Exploration ~ The team has implemented a tracking system to provide information on why students carry tuition balances. From this research, the team will determine a revised process to drop students from classes for reasons of nonpayment of tuition and fees. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/su07_student_drops-ar_expectations_presentation.pdf https://www.owens.edu/aqip/su07_student_drops-ar_expectations.pdf Business Affairs has created a new team to move forward the work of the previous team. Business Affairs is exploring avenues to increase student retention while reducing accounts receivables.

Student Orientation ~ The team developed a student orientation program called CSI: College Student Information the program includes a booklet. The First Year Experience Standing Committee and Foundations of Excellence Committee will continue exploring student orientation. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa05_student_orientation.pdf

Student Recruitment ~ An Adult Viewbook was created as a recruitment tool. It was funded through the Perkins grant. In addition, Academic Standards Committee approved the increase of work experience waiver credits from 9 to 12. A registration event for older adult students is being planned for May. The Adult Viewbook is on the publications webpage: https://www.owens.edu/marketing/publications.html The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/sp06_student_recruitment_final.pdf

Student Worker team ~ The team is streamlining the student worker hiring process and is currently creating a manual that can be used by the supervisor and the student worker. The team presented their recommendations, will start the implementation process, and provide regular reports to the Quality Council during the summer semester. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa08_stuworker_report.pdf

Succession Planning ~ This Human Resources team will further explore succession planning, once the performance management system is in place. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa06_succession_planning.pdf https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa06_succession_planning_progress.pdf

Technology Committee Redesign Team ~ An overall Technology Committee, which replaced OPAT, and the subcommittees for Management Information, Network, Instructional Technology and Client Services have been formed and begun meeting. A webpage is being developed for the Technology Committee as part of the AQIP Action Project #3. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/su07_tech_committee_report.pdf https://www.owens.edu/aqip/su07_tech_committee_final.pdf

Transition to College (Student Retention) ~ This quality team created a collaborative relationship between the College and ABLE program was formed. FYE 121, Foundations for College, also assists with accommodating at-risk students, including those students that come from the ABLE program into Owens. The team's final report is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa05_student_retention_final.pdf

Website ~ The Website Quality team developed and incorporated procedures, guidelines and style standards have been established for the website and are accessible to the public and employees: https://www.owens.edu/marketing/webguide.html The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://intranet.owens.edu/submission.html

Wellness for Employees ~ The team recommended that a permanent Employee Wellness Coalition be created. The coalition will be led jointly by Traci Kish and Richard Reynolds, who will serve to integrate recommendations into Owens. The team's report with recommendations is located at: https://www.owens.edu/aqip/fa07_wellness_final.pdf

Owens Departmental Quality Teams & Committee Accomplishments


High School Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Career and Technical Transfer Initiative - Collaboration between Higher Education and Secondary Education in the State of Ohio to develop statewide competencies for transfer in technology disciplines. The agreed upon competencies guarantee transfer from secondary to postsecondary institutions and count toward completion of a certificate or associate degree.
  • Extensive articulated pathways from high school to college technical completion programs (Tech Prep)

CONTACT: Renay Scott, Ph.D., Vice President/Provost
Email: renay_scott@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7567

University Collaborations/Partnerships

  • Partnership with Lourdes College that allows students accepted into one of four health science programs at Owens to simultaneously earn a baccalaureate degree at Lourdes.
  • Member of the Research Consortium of Northwest Ohio with the University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University. The consortium pools facilities, equipment and personnel for research activities, thus avoiding duplication of program and facilities for costly high-tech areas.
  • First Northwest Ohio College to join the Computer Security Consortium, a venture of Southern Michigan Colleges. Owens will work with consortium members in the development of a model community college degree program for Information Security. In addition to the quality degree program, the consortium will provide more financial support for Owens students seeking information security as a career.
  • Collaboration with Ohio University in a grid lab for the Center for Emergency Preparedness
  • Bachelors of Applied Organizational Technology - Collaboration with the University of Toledo for an applied baccalaureate degree to provide an articulated pathway from Owens School of Business and Information Systems Technology to the University of Toledo School of Business

CONTACT: Tamara Williams, M.Ed., Associate Vice Provost, Academic Services and Retention
Email: tamara_williams@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7198

Community Partnerships and Collaborations

  • Center for Emergency Preparedness - In collaboration with Northwest Ohio municipalities, the City of Toledo police and fire divisions, Owens developed a master plan to create a Center that focused on the critical need for first responders to be able to interact simultaneously at the scene of a tragedy or natural disaster. Donations of materials, labor, and in kind services were secured from 18+ businesses and organizations along with a $2.3 million capital appropriation from the State of Ohio to develop and construct the Center for Emergency Preparedness. The Center also has access to the Ohio SuperComputer Network, the nation's most advanced fiber optic network for research, education and economic development initiatives.

CONTACT: Renay Scott, Ph.D., Vice President/Provost
Email: renay_scott@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7567

  • Partnership with the EMS Training Division of the Toledo Fire Department to offer joint EMS training and degree program on the Owens Campus, thus eliminating duplication of facilities and instructor expense.
  • Partnership with the Ohio Fire Academy to provide an Associate degree pathway for all Ohio Fire Academy participants
  • Collaboration with the Lucas County Public Library to provide classes in local libraries
  • Collaboration with Bowling Green State University in developing a "Transfer Workshop" to help transferring students with the adjustment to a new campus and differing expectations.
  • ISO certified. We have led four companies in our area to achieve their ISO certification. We have served 70 different local companies for their various training needs from computer to skill trades.
  • Through a partnership with Apple Computers, Owens opened two state-of-art graphic design labs equipped with the latest MAC systems and software packages. Owens is now recognized as an Apple Authorized Training Center for Education. Students and faculty can use the state-of-art graphic design labs to become proficient and even certified in Mac applications.
  • Collaboration with Toledo Public Schools and Millstream Vocational and Technical High School in having courses in the high schools both dual enrollment and evening classes
  • Partnership with Paired Alliance which matches kidney donors and recipients to academic pathways that would provide upon completion of the pathway employment opportunities with medical benefits.

CONTACT: Tamara Williams, M.Ed., Associate Vice Provost, Academic Services and Retention
Email: tamara_williams@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7198

  • Establish a presence in Arrowhead Business Park, transferring Workforce and Community Services courses to Maumee, Ohio. WCS offers both professional and personal growth courses. Arrowhead is located off I-475 and less than &#frac12; mile from the Ohio Turnpike.

CONTACT: Mike Bankey, Ph.D., Vice President, Workforce and Community Services
Email: michael_bankey@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7735

  • Collaboration with the Findlay Family YMCA to offer courses without incurring costs for pool, courts and training facilities
  • Collaboration with the Hancock Area Senior Citizens Center to offer computer classes as well as special interest classes such as How to Buy and Sell on EBay.
  • Offer classes at four Findlay area high schools various times of the day.
  • Established a regular presence in Putnam County by being in the Educational Service Center twice a month and presenting programs of interest to Putnam County citizens. Programs range from Financial Aid, How to Take Tests, Discover Career Options, Fear of Math, Visit with the Academic Chairs, to traditional classes for Lifelong Learners.

CONTACT: Melissa Green, Associate Vice President, Findlay Campus
Email: melissa_green@owens.edu Phone: (567) 429-3535

Economic Development

  • Provide outreach and academic programs to support local businesses focusing on global business and exchange

CONTACT: Tamara Williams, M.Ed., Associate Vice Provost, Academic Services and Retention
Email: tamara_williams@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7198

International Exchange Programs

  • In collaboration with Global Nursing Institute, provide westernized nursing curriculum, including English language skills, to registered nurses or those eligible for RN licensure who reside outside the United States. The program is in its third year and combines classroom experience, hands-on clinical training and guidance from the faculty.

CONTACT: Dawn Wetmore, Ph.D., Dean, School of Nursing
Email: dawn_wetmore@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7398


Customized Training

  • Union specific training throughout the state of Ohio (IBEW, Plumbers & Pipefitters, Ironworkers, Sheet Metal Workers, Asbestos Workers, Millwrights, Plasterers & Cement Masons, Bricklayers, Roofers, Insulators, Carpenters, Glaziers and Painters)

CONTACT: David Siravo, Director, Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Training
Email: david_siravo@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7449

Basic Skills, GED, Literacy

  • Provide services to meet the needs of Adult Basic and Literacy Education practitioners in 31 programs throughout 30 counties in NW Ohio. Support is offered in professional development opportunities, resources, and technical assistance through the Northwest ABLE Resource Center.

CONTACT: Joyce Winters, Director, Assistant Director, Teaching and Learning
Email: joyce_winters@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7162

  • Recently in Ohio, the Ohio Board of Regents standardized the COMPASS placement scores which resulted in raising cut scores for developmental education placement by 20 points. Consequently, nearly 48% of students tested during the snapshot period tested below the minimum threshold for a developmental math course. In an effort to accommodate those students, we provide 3 pathways for students to move from COMPASS placement testing to an appropriate level of coursework based on Math Compass Scores. The pathways include a three hour intense COMPASS Prep Workshop, COMPASS Extended Preparation Classes (Adult Basic and Literacy Education - ABLE), and pre-developmental education math course.

CONTACT: Verne Walker, Director, Teaching Learning Success Center
Email: Verne_walker@owens.edu Phone: 567-661-2037

Cultural and Performing Arts

  • Walter E. Terhune Gallery exhibits contemporary and traditional visual art from national and local professional artists, as well as Owens students and faculty.
  • World Cultures Film Series - Free and Open to the Public. A pre-curtain overview of each film is hosted by an Owens Community College faculty or staff member.
  • Performing Arts Events - Community venue where local and nationally known artists perform on-stage. These performances are often accompanied by an educational forum with the artist as the presenter.

CONTACT: Douglas Mead, Dean, School of Health Sciences
Email: douglas_mead@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7398

Program Review

  • Provide a web-based common data set for academic administrators to use in preparing their program review analysis. Prior to implementing this, the majority of time was spent on obtaining data rather that analyzing it and making data driven decisions for program improvement or elimination.

CONTACT: Debra Rathke, MS & Ed., MA, Director, Institutional Research
Email: debra_rathke@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7247


Student Recruitment

  • Provide scholarships to students of selected high schools that fill the gap between Owens tuition and federal financial aid. Currently we have two high schools in the program. The long-term target is to include all high schools in our legal district.

CONTACT: Ann Savage, MA, JD, Executive Director, College Development
Fund Development and President/CEO Owens Foundation
Email: elizabeth_savage@owens.edu Phone (567) 661-7184

First Year Experience

  • Provide a comprehensive retention program targeting the critical first 30 credit hours earned by college students. Although FYE research focuses on the "first year", we have chosen to measure credit hours to identify the patterns of part-time enrollment, stopping-out, and institution hopping common among community college students. The model being implemented is an adaptation of John Gardner's FYE Programming for four-year colleges. The approach integrates aspects of a first year experience seminar, learning communities, supplemental instruction and online learning communities (e-portfolio).
  • Participated in the Foundations of Excellence Self Assessment which will result in an improvement plan that addresses process issues impacting a student in their first 30 credit hours that were identified in the comprehensive self-assessment.

CONTACT: Tamara Williams, M.Ed., Associate Vice Provost, Academic Services and Retention
Email: tamara_williams@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7198

Success Skills

  • Faculty have worked closely with the State of Ohio initiative to implement curriculum alignment to support both transfer module courses and core requirements in academic programs ultimately facilitating transferability throughout the state system

CONTACT: Tamara Williams, M.Ed., Associate Vice Provost, Academic Services and Retention
Email: tamara_williams@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7198

Early Alert

  • Summer Bridge to Success Program is designed to assist those students participating in the "Gap Scholarship" who may not be adequately prepared for college-level work. Objectives of the program are:
  • Acclimate students to academic expectations at OCC, especially first generation college students, by providing the First Year Experience course during the program
  • Provide a smooth transition from high school to college for student participants
  • Enhance study skills and life skills for participants
  • Provide dynamic curricular experiences for participants
  • Introduce students to college faculty, staff and administrators
  • Support academically-deficient students with developmental course work (math), tutoring, academic advising and mentorship service.

CONTACT: Tamara Williams, M.Ed., Associate Vice Provost, Academic Services and Retention
Email: tamara_williams@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7198

Student Tutoring

  • Combined a number of discrete learning centers located in academic departments into one center with common philosophy and learning strategies including joint training activities, common website, supplemental instruction program and scheduling based on student demand.

CONTACT: Verne Walker, Director, Teaching Learning Success Center
Email: Verne_walker@owens.edu Phone: 567-661-2037


Faculty/Staff Recruiting & Hiring Process

  • Use internet advertising in recruitment
  • Implemented People Admin for centralizing, automating, communicating and distributing application documents online. This enhances communication and status updates with applicants, as well as distribution of applications and communications to Search Committee members.
  • Provide required training for individuals who sit on Search Committees. The training includes best practices for the hiring process as well as legal and ethical issues to reduce liability. This helps maximize the quality of new employees and reduce the need for corrective action later. It also aligns recruitment with our mission, core values and culture.
  • Human Resources provides on-going consultation with the search committees throughout the hiring process.

CONTACT: Jack Witt, Vice President, Human Resources and Administration
Email: fj_witt@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7314

Staff Orientation

  • Provide full day training per month that includes a general orientation to the history, culture and mission of the college as well as information helpful in navigating the new employee's life at the college. The new employee meets key contact people, receives information on compensation and payroll, and a broad campus tour. Three required areas of training are also included: FERPA laws, sexual harassment prevention and safety and security.

CONTACT: Jack Witt, Vice President, Human Resources and Administration
Email: fj_witt@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7314

Faculty Development

  • Creation of a Teaching Learning Center that has begun developing a teaching laboratory to showcase and develop best teaching practices.

CONTACT: Verne Walker, Director, Teaching Learning Success Center
Email: verne_walker@owens.edu Phone: 567-661-2037

Staff Development

  • Provide a required 6 Module Supervisory Series, "Leadership Toolkit for Effective Management" that includes Employee Engagement and Performance Management.

CONTACT: Jack Witt, Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Email: fj_witt@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7314

Leadership Development

  • Owens Leadership Academy was launched in Fall 2004. Owens Leadership Academy is featured in the American Association of Community College's Leading Forward publication, Growing Your Own Leaders: Community Colleges Step Up, Community College Press, 2006. As of Spring 2009, 69 faculty, staff and administrators have advanced through the Owens Leadership Academy. Academy participants actively implement team projects that contribute to the strategic initiatives of the College. Upon completion of the Academy, alumni continue their involvement in an advisory capacity for future classes.

CONTACT: Jack Witt, Vice President, Human Resources and Administration
Email: fj_witt@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7314

  • Creation of the Guiding Coalition charged with developing a leadership model for the College.

CONTACT: Thomas Perin, Sr., M.Ed., Associate Vice Provost, Assessment and Accreditation
Email: thomas_perin@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7880


Grant Seeking and Writing

  • Created a Perkins Grant Allocation Committee charged with developing a 5 year plan and associated annual implementation plan, ensuring the implementation plan is executed, monies are spent, and performance outcomes are achieved
  • During the planning period, the committee conducts a "mini-grant" process where college administrators, faculty and staff are invited to submit a grant proposal that assists in meeting Perkins Program objectives, implements the 5 and 1 year plans and is aligned with the AQIP criterion. The maximum amount per proposal is $10,000, however if the total cost to implement the project is over that amount, applicants are encouraged to provide the total cost. There are 3 independent grant reviewers who read and score each proposal according to set criteria. The scores are averaged and a ranking list is prepared. From this list, recommendations are made for funding. Those selected are incorporated into the Perkins annual implementation plan
  • A workshop for persons interested in submitting a mini-proposal is conducted to explain expectations and criteria for submittal.

CONTACT: Heidi Altomare, Manager of Grant Programs
Email: heidi_altomare@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7279

Fund Raising

  • Sold naming rights for buildings (new or old) and or building parts
  • Provide scholarships to students of selected high schools that fill the gap between Owens tuition and federal or state financial aid (GAP Scholarship). Currently we have two high schools in the program. The long-term target is to include all high schools in our legal district.

CONTACT: Ann Savage, MA, JD, Executive Director, College Development
Fund Development and President/CEO Owens Foundation
Email: elizabeth_savage@owens.edu Phone (567) 661-7184

College Marketing

  • Tuition Giveaway. For the past seven years, we have partnered with local media just prior to an enrollment cycle, generating five figures in value-add advertising, a database of names of people interested in going to college, and the positive PR of someone winning free tuition to Owens CC. The radio station pays for the tuition
  • Get A Job Monday. We are currently partnering with NBC24 and The Source, making the first Monday of each month Get A Job Monday. The 6 PM news features a story about a high-demand career - tying into a program offered by Owens CC - and the 7-8 PM news offers viewers the opportunity to call in and talk to job placement workers from The Source. Open jobs are posted on NBC24.com and The Source staff talk to callers about these jobs. They forward all inquirers about the highlighted Owens program to Enrollment Services or owens.edu. We are collecting the video segments for future YouTube and web use leverage.
  • In our integrated marketing campaign, we utilize Owens students, faculty and alumni - attractive and "real" individuals who come across as genuine and believable when talking about Owens CC. This extends our communication reach as these highly visible individuals become "unofficial" spokespeople for Owens College through there media story telling experiences.
  • We developed targeted campaigns in direct mail, billboards and bus boards based on zip code data analysis and in turn eliminated waste of budget resources. We are mailing to a more "likely to enroll" audience and reducing waste. Our workforce development operation increased their ROI significantly with this approach.
  • We reduced the size of the Class Schedule from a thick bulky catalog to a self-mailer, making it a more user-friendly and readable piece for students and potential students to react to and register for classes. The new format also eliminated waste and saved budget resources.
  • We changed the size of newspaper ads to banner ads - page 1 where available - and shortened the message to two sentences, giving consumers a short "elevator speech" that was easy to remember and act upon while significantly reducing advertising costs.

CONTACT: Gary Corrigan, Ph.D., Director, Marketing & Communications
Email: gary_corrigan@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661- 2692

Quality Improvement

  • Three years experience in AQIP (Academic Quality Improvement Program) and process management with over 50 team projects and 300+ persons involved
  • Team reports posted to the web
  • Adopted train the trainer model - 18 Certified Quality Trainers and 3 Certified Master Trainers
  • Tool for implementing strategic and quality improvement (AQIP) action projects

CONTACT: Thomas Perin, Sr., M.Ed., Associate Vice Provost, Assessment and Accreditation
Email: thomas_perin@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7880

Efficiency Initiatives

  • Launched the "From Your Desktop to Your Door" on-line purchasing program with Office Max. Office supply orders are placed at the desktop and promptly delivered by Office Max to the offices initiating the order. The College receives deep discounts in this arrangement. Annual savings total $10,000 plus volume incentive rebates of about 7% of annual net sales.
  • Joined the Northwest Ohio Non-Profit Entities Consortium, a collaborative purchasing effort with local colleges, schools, governmental agencies that increases the purchasing power of Consortium members.
  • Collaboration with Bowling Green State University, University of Toledo, and Owens Community College, in developing a P-card system to allow all three institutions an opportunity to receive greater rebate percentages by pooling their purchases through the system.

CONTACT: Laurie Sabin, BBA, Director, Finance and Budgeting/Assistant Treasurer
Email: laurie_sabin@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7282

  • Completed a Strategic Energy Plan to be implemented over the next several years. It will produce significant savings in energy consumption as well as reduce carbon emissions.

CONTACT: Thomas Horrall, MS, Director, Capital Planning and Sustainability
Email: thomas_horrall@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7489

Strategic Planning Process

  • Grass roots process involving community and college stakeholders resulting in the development of the strategic plan composed of 6 initiatives, and 36 objectives.
  • Led by the College Planning Council, a group composed of representatives from administration, full-time and adjunct faculty, student government, professional and support staff from academics, student services and business affairs.
  • Employ the Transformations Model
  • To keep the strategic plan evergreen, information is fed into the process using the Environmental Scan. Then initiatives and objectives are either removed as completed, validated as still being needed and implementation should continue, or removed because of changes in the environment.
  • Action projects to implement the objectives are developed using a variety of process management tools and compression planning. These are aligned with the nine AQIP categories. Our 3 AQIP Action Projects (Student Assessment, Student Retention, and Information Technologies) emerged from Strategic Plan objectives thus ensuring linkage between strategic plan development, continuous improvement, and accreditation.
  • College Planning Council also provides a list of topics that will assist in the implementation of strategic plan objectives to the Leadership Academy for their action projects.
  • Action projects are monitored and reported back to the College Planning Council to complete the information loop. Activities that implement the Strategic Plan are logged and available on the Web
  • Conduct orientation and professional development sessions for College Planning Council members

CONTACT: Thomas Perin, Sr., M.Ed., Associate Vice Provost, Assessment and Accreditation
Email: thomas_perin@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7880

Environmental Scanning

  • Began researching and produced our first environmental scan document in 2005, a compilation of thousands of pages of research condensed onto a 160 slide power point presentation that highlights the facts as well as the implication to the college.
  • The Scan includes technology, competition, the environment, learning, politics, economic and social issues impacting higher education in general and Northwest Ohio in particular.
  • We produce a scan document every 2 years. Our second was completed in 2007.
  • The Scan information is presented to the College Planning Council for their inclusion in the strategic plan where appropriate and consideration in formulating initiatives, objectives and action projects. This is typically done through a retreat format.
  • The Scan document is made available to all 2200 employees in the Library and on the College's Intranet.

CONTACT: Thomas Perin, Sr., M.Ed., Associate Vice Provost, Assessment and Accreditation
Email: thomas_perin@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7880

Institutional Research

  • Research activities include general analysis of data, trend reports, enrollment and retention studies, enrollment projections, graduate follow-up studies and ad hoc queries
  • Conduct surveys to collect baseline and trend/comparative data for continuous improvement initiatives
  • Provide common data set for Program Review
  • Point of contact for outsourced surveys
  • Assist administration, committees, improvement teams and faculty in identifying and locating data sources

CONTACT: Debra Rathke, MS & Ed., MA, Director, Institutional Research
Email: debra_rathke@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7247

Planning & Budgeting Cycle

  • Earmarked funds in the annual budget for new positions
  • Allocated money for unbudgeted action projects to implement the strategic plan
  • Building a capital plan covering a five year cycle consistent with the state budget cycle and our AQIP cycle

CONTACT: Laurie Sabin, BBA, Director, Finance and Budgeting/Assistant Treasurer
Email: laurie_sabin@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7282

Open Book Budgeting

  • Created a Budget Advisory Council that reviews, discusses, and recommends changes to the proposed budget. It is composed of a cross section of college constituencies including administration, full-time and adjunct faculty, student government, deans, chairs, support and professional staff. Establishing this committee made the college finances and budget process open and transparent to stakeholders.
  • Increased budget management competencies for supervisors through one-on-one and leadership toolkit training

CONTACT: Laurie Sabin, BBA, Director, Finance and Budgeting/Assistant Treasurer
Email: laurie_sabin@owens.edu Phone: (567) 661-7282

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