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     Kevin Williamson

Kevin Williamson
Lieutenant, Toledo Fire and Rescue Department
Instructor, Owens Community College
1991 Fire Science Graduate

"At Owens, I built relationships and networked. My professors were area chiefs and firefighters"

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Profile of Excellence:
Kevin Williamson
Owens Community College Alumnus

Kevin Williamson was born in Zaneseville, Ohio and moved to Toledo, Ohio when he was six.

Williamson knew in the second grade that he wanted to be a firefighter. He remembers playing with a firefighting toy set during a PTA meeting. From that point on, he learned everything he could about it.

He enrolled in Owens Community College immediately after graduation to start in the Fire Science program.

"At Owens, I built relationships and networked. My professors were area chiefs and firefighters," said Williamson.

While attending Owens, he worked at a movie theater and taught tennis in the summer at Jermaine Park.

In 1991, he graduate from Owens and sat for the Civil Service Exam. That year, 4,800 people took the test and only 100 would be hired.

"Owens prepared me for the test. I knew the material very well," said Williamson.

While he was waiting for the results, he continued teaching tennis and working.

In May of 1993, he decided to take the State Highway Patrol test as a back-up. He was hired and started training in Columbus.

About eight weeks into the 27-week training program, he was offered a job by the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department.

"The Patrol training was good for me. I learned leadership skills and was away from home for the first time," said Williamson.

Even so, he quit his training and headed back to Toledo to start his dream job.

Williamson continued to play and teach tennis. He even played in an Owens alumni tennis league. In 1997, at Owens the athletic director asked Williamson to teach the new tennis classes.

In 2002, he was promoted to Lieutenant. As Lieutenant, he supervised fire dispatchers for two years and worked in the relief-pool as a substitute Lieutenant for various stations for several years. In 2011, he moved to Station 25.

"I can't see myself leaving my station until I retire," said Williamson.

He continues to teach at Owens and is now a United States Professional Tennis Association certified tennis instructor.

His dual careers work well for him.

"As a firefighter, I can teach classes at Owens and work," said Williamson.

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