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Bryan Bockert
Bryan Bockert
Executive Director, Fort Meigs YMCA
1996 Business Administration Graduate

"Owens was the stepping stone that taught me that I could stick with it."

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Profile of Excellence:
Bryan Bockert
Owens Community College Alumnus

Bryan Bockert grew up in Toledo, Ohio. He attended Emmanuel Christian School and was accustomed to a small school atmosphere.

After graduating in 1992, Bockert began attending a four-year university. He wanted to study engineering. After some time, he found that the school and the program just weren't for him.

He transferred to Owens Community College in 1994 and entered the Business Administration program. It was the year that Owens became a community college and because of his transfer credits, he was ahead of the other students in the program from the start.

In fact, he was so far ahead, he was ready to take classes that weren't even offered yet. The College staff arranged for him to take telecourses on his own so he wouldn't have to wait to graduate.

"The College really worked with me so that I could stay on track. That personal feel really impressed me," said Bockert.

Bockert became the first graduate of the Business Administration program in May 1996.

He transferred to Bowling Green State University and earned his Bachelor of Science in Sports Management.

After graduating, he started an internship at the Fort Meigs YMCA. In just a few short months, he was hired as the Program Director at the Riverside YMCA.

He was in charge of developing sports classes, as well as hiring staffing and marketing the classes.

After his time at Riverside, he went back to the Fort Meigs YMCA to serve as the Senior Program Director. Since that time, he has worked his way up through the ranks and worked at a few different locations.

In December, he was promoted to the Executive Director of the Fort Meigs branch. He now oversees all of the operations there, as well as the off-site childcare center and the gymnastic center.

"Owens was the stepping stone that taught me that I could stick with it. I knew that if I could get the associate's degree, I could finish a bachelor's too," said Bockert.

He plans on continuing to work at the YMCA and hopes to become a senior officer in time.

"I would like to continue to have the opportunity to help our community and provide a place for families to grow together," said Bockert.

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