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Paramedic Certificate

Required Courses

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Certificate Information

These courses are designed for the EMT-Basic or Intermediate to complete the principles of advanced care and EMS operations. The courses follow the DOT (Department of Transportation) standards as well as the national standard curriculum. Individuals who successfully complete the courses will be eligible to take the National Registry exam and receive state certification through the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS). Pre-requisites include EMM 270 and EMM 274.

  • EMM 277 - Paramedic I
  • EMM 279 - Paramedic II
  • EMM 281 - Paramedic III

EMM 268, EMM 270 and EMM 271 are certified through Owens Community College. EMM 277, EMM 279 and EMM 281 are certified through UT. College credit for all of these courses is gained through Owens Community College.

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